Horror House Pest in Charlotte Metro | Are Bats & Rats Really Spooky?

Brief Review of 1970-80 Killer Bats and Killer Rats Ever wonder why anyone would name a Vintage & Used Clothing store “The Rat’s Nest?” That’s what we find in Charlotte’s NoDa district. It’s a small redbrick store on E 36th St. They cater to the artsy crowd, carrying vintage clothing, furniture and even retro video […]

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Are North Carolina House Spiders Dangerous?

Thirty-Nine Spider Species Common to North Carolina While only two dangerously poisonous spiders species make the list, the Spiders US database defines thirty-nine types of spiders established as common to North Carolina. Both poisonous species, the black widow and the brown recluse, range widely across the state. Black widow bites often cause severe neurological issues. […]

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Is Pest Control Treatment Safe for Babies?

When scanning the contents of websites dedicated to “wisdom and moms,” you will eventually encounter questions concerning child-safe pest control treatment. Ants, cockroaches, termites and other disruptive and destructive home invaders cannot be tolerated for long. Yet parents get nervous when thinking about possibly toxic pest management anywhere near the babies, with good reason. Things Parents Need […]

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Benefits of Opossums | What Attracts Them To Regional Charlotte, NC

If you have lived in or around Charlotte, NC for an extended period of time, chances are you have encountered one or more opossums. They often trudge along like oversize rats, avoiding humans as a rule and seldom causing major complications. However, sometimes these critters get a bit bold and rowdy. They have been guilty […]

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Raccoon Control | How Do I Get Rid of Resident Charlotte Raccoons?

Lifestyles of Resident Charlotte Raccoons From the viewpoint of resident Charlotte Raccoons, humans are among the best of all neighbors. Our luscious vegetable gardens offer what may seem like an endless food source. Those full bird feeders hanging by the split-rail fence look ready made for a hungry scavenger. Scraps tossed into the mulch pile. […]

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