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cherries in baskets

Rid Your Home of Fruit Flies | 5 Environmentally Friendly Methods

Fruit Flies – The Side “Benefits” of a Trip to the Charlotte Area Farmers Market Fourteen counties are listed in the Charlotte Observer annual guide to “Charlotte-Area Farmers Markets.” In total, the list contains forty-two nearby N.C. and S.C. fresh produce markets. Fifteen are located in Mecklenburg County. In all likelihood, you live near enough […]

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How to Identify and Treat Chigger Problems in Charlotte

Have you ever wondered what those tiny little red insects are that quickly scurry across outdoor walkways and walls? Wonder no more – they’re chiggers! And these little insects can be quite a nuisance, especially during the summer in Charlotte. But they don’t have to be. Learn how to identify and treat chigger pest infestations […]

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Common Garden pests in North Carolina

Common Charlotte Garden Pests

10 Common Charlotte, NC Garden Bugs, Insects & Mites Pull multiple reports on North Carolina garden pests, and you will get a variety of top 10 listings. The differences come due to the specific region of focus, the writer’s personal Charlotte-regional gardening experiences and the nature of precision scientific studies. Thus this list has no […]

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North Carolina Organic Gardener

Pest Control Tips for the North Carolina Organic Gardener

Essence of Successful NC Organic Gardening Successful North Carolina organic gardeners practice a two-stage philosophy of gardening. It starts by making a decision to garden without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. But to be effective, the system must also function as a whole-health yard and garden ecosystem. An organic gardening system provides: Full-scale […]

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Charlotte tree banding

What is Tree Banding?

Charlotte is a city known for its trees. From the city’s Christmas light traditions for its neighborhoods’ sycamores to stately neighborhoods with equally majestic old willow oaks, Charlotte’s leafy green canopy has become a defining feature of the city. But as many residents have noticed, many of Charlotte’s beautiful trees are encircled by ugly tree bands […]

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for sale sign in front of family looking at house

Before Buying A New Home, Have A Pest Inspection Performed

The offer is in. The seller accepted. Both parties have signed the home purchase agreement. Now comes a home inspection, including a pest inspection to check for termites and other home pest problems. Your buyer’s contract provides a specific time frame for getting these issues covered. The scheduling starts immediately. Say What? A home inspection […]

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inside of restaurant

Pest Control Tips for Restaurant Owners

As any restaurant owner can attest, food preparation and service areas have an unfortunate habit of attracting pests. The abundance of food scraps, perfect moisture levels and temperatures, and plenty of small nooks for shelter make restaurants very appealing to a range of unwanted bugs and creatures including cockroaches, wasps, flies and rodents. The key to […]

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For Sale sign in front of couple looking at their new home

Pest Control Tips for New Homeowners

Buying a new home is an exciting time. It is often easy to envision where to put your furniture and the improvements to be made. New homeowners may overlook that one’s home is quite vulnerable to pests. At Carolina Pest Management, we’ve helped protect homes for over 80 years. Here are some simple steps you […]

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Not All Pests Are Dangerous- a Balanced Approach to Pest Management

Some people make the mistaken assumption that pest control companies are all about one thing: killing critters. It’s an unfortunate assumption and in actuality, that is not the case. Pest control companies have the obvious primary goal of making one’s home or business comfortable and untainted by the presence of pests that harm your quality of […]

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Spring Cleaning With a Purpose!

Here’s some good reading, a DIY article by Missy Henriksen on about spring cleaning to keep the pests away. I highly recommend it. I touch on some of the common sense points below. It’s all pretty standard, but sometimes we wonder WHY we must do these things, besides our spouse telling us to. Knowing […]

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