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Horror House Pest in Charlotte Metro | Are Bats & Rats Really Spooky?

Brief Review of 1970-80 Killer Bats and Killer Rats Ever wonder why anyone would name a Vintage & Used Clothing store “The Rat’s Nest?” That’s what we find in Charlotte’s NoDa district. It’s a small redbrick store on E 36th St. They cater to the artsy crowd, carrying vintage clothing, furniture and even retro video […]

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Is Pest Control Treatment Safe for Babies?

When scanning the contents of websites dedicated to “wisdom and moms,” you will eventually encounter questions concerning child-safe pest control treatment. Ants, cockroaches, termites and other disruptive and destructive home invaders cannot be tolerated for long. Yet parents get nervous when thinking about possibly toxic pest management anywhere near the babies, with good reason. Things Parents Need […]

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How to Identify and Treat Chigger Problems in Charlotte

Have you ever wondered what those tiny little red insects are that quickly scurry across outdoor walkways and walls? Wonder no more – they’re chiggers! And these little insects can be quite a nuisance, especially during the summer in Charlotte. But they don’t have to be. Learn how to identify and treat chigger pest infestations […]

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How Do I Know If My Pet Has Fleas?

As Carolina flea control professionals, we sometimes forget that many new pet owners are strangers to the basics of pet pest care. So before taking on what to do if your Metrolina pets have fleas, perhaps we should take a moment to chat about how to recognize the problem. After all, even though fleas are […]

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