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Are Bug Bombs Safe?

When you see a cockroach scurry away in your kitchen, it’s tempting to go out and purchase a bug bomb, also known as a fogger. However, total release foggers (TRF) or bug bombs aren’t that effective at killing pests. What’s more, they can also put your family, pets, and home at serious risk. How do […]

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Identifying cockroach in home

Palmetto Bug or Cockroach? How to Tell the Difference

In some regions of the United States, especially the Southeast, many people use the term “palmetto bugs” to describe certain types of cockroaches. Not all cockroaches, however, are palmetto bugs. Typically, smoky-brown cockroaches and American cockroaches found in the American Southeast are called palmetto bugs while others are not. Our pest control specialists are available […]

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Are Cockroaches Harmful?

When most of us think about cockroaches, we envision the insects swarming together in unsanitary places like sewers and garbage cans. They then move into homes and carry in the dangerous diseases they have picked up along the way. Although some bugs have an unfair reputation, cockroaches are harmful insects and shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near your […]

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Pest Control Tips for Restaurant Owners

As any restaurant owner can attest, food preparation and service areas have an unfortunate habit of attracting pests. The abundance of food scraps, perfect moisture levels and temperatures, and plenty of small nooks for shelter make restaurants very appealing to a range of unwanted bugs and creatures including cockroaches, flies and rodents. The key to proper […]

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Are Pests Invading The Pantry Of Your Charlotte Home?

Pests in the Kitchen Pantry Sooner or later, every Charlotte homeowner experiences some measure of pest invasion. Sometimes it’s an attack by seasonal gnats or fruit flies, unsanitary but still more nuisance than threat. Other times, bigger and more difficult kitchen pest control problems pop up. Homeowners throughout the Charlotte Mecklenburg community routinely battle the […]

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