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We’re one of the largest independently owned pest control businesses in the Carolinas. Our dedicated team of experienced pest control technicians can handle any pest control issue you’re experiencing, large or small. From termites, to rodents, to mosquitoes, and even wildlife removal and moisture control, Carolina Pest Management has been the trusted pest control resource for residents in Weddington. We are dedicated to providing fast, reliable service with outstanding results. Our pest control experts do more than simply protect your home- we give you the confidence to comfortably enjoy your home knowing that there are no pests damaging your home or being a potential danger to your loved ones.

The Weddington Team: Pest, Wildlife & Moisture

Just north of the South Carolina border, Weddington is a beautiful place to live with more space and natural areas than many areas of Charlotte with denser populations. While inviting, we know that more natural areas also bring more pests, which is why we’ve been working with Weddington homeowners to protect their properties from pests for years. Our Weddington pest control technicians are different from traditional home exterminators in that they have special experience using green pest control techniques in the Weddington area specifically. We’ll help you prevent pests from wreaking havoc on your property by relying on natural solutions that offer long-lasting and humane solutions to all your bug and wildlife control needs.

Pest Control

Steven Harkey

Lead Weddington Pest Technician

Wildlife Control

Chris Craig

Lead Weddington Wildlife Technician

Moisture Control

Lee Kiser

Lead Weddington Moisture Technician

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Some people make the mistaken assumption that pest control companies are all about one thing: killing critters. It’s an unfortunate assumption and in actuality, that is not the case. Pest control companies have the obvious primary goal of making one’s home or business comfortable and untainted by the presence of pests that harm your quality of life. That said, good pest control companies realize that going in with a “kill ’em all” approach is not the best way to go about business!

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Based on our pest control experience in Weddington, here are the top questions we receive about pest control service.

Q: What pest problems can you treat?

A: We offer pest control services for any type of pest you might have, for both business and residential customers. Our General Pest Service includes treatment for most crawling insects, with the exclusion of wood destroying insects, ticks and fleas, or other occasional invaders. Some pest control services, such as flying insects, bed bugs, and fire ants do require an extra charge. Please contact us for details.

Q: What is involved in a typical pest control treatment?

A: In a standard General Pest Service, we treat the outside perimeter 5’-10’ from the foundation with either a granular or a liquid product. We treat around all windows and doors and remove spider webs. Indoors, we treat key areas that may harbor or provide entry to pests and inspect key areas in the building such as attics and crawlspaces that may be sources of pests.

Q: Are your methods of treatment safe for my family and pets?

A: For most of our pest control services, you don’t even need to leave your home. If someone in your family has certain allergies or is sensitive to chemicals, we suggest that they leave the treated area for 3­4 hours. As a general recommendation, occupants should stay off treated areas until they are dry. If you have any concerns, please contact us.

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We Can Help! Carolina Pest Management has been serving the Carolinas for four generations. We are one of the largest independently owned pest control companies in North Carolina. Whether you have Moisture Problems or Pest Control needs, we are here for you with decades of experience in handling these issues. Let us provide the security and comfort you and your family deserve. Contact us today!

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