Huntersville Pest Control, Wildlife Removal & Moisture Services

Our experienced team of Huntersville pest control technicians are equipped to handle the full gamut of pest control issues, from termites to bed bugs and rodents.  We also offer wildlife removal and moisture control. Our unique approach to pest control offers a range of custom solutions, from our standard treatments to a 100% Green Pest Control solution.

The Huntersville Team: Pest, Wildlife & Moisture

Huntersville’s close proximity to two lakes, Lake Norman and Mountain Island Lake, creates lots of recreational opportunities for residents. However, it also provides ideal living conditions for many household pests. Our pest control technicians have extensive experience in the Huntersville area, and are trained to handle traditional pest extermination jobs with more modern, safe and ecologically friendly alternatives. Contact our Huntersville team today if you’re experiencing a pest problem. We’ll professionally assess and deal with your pest control problems at least as well as a traditional exterminator, while doing so with safer and more modern techniques. We’ll also ensure that your home is protected from future issues.

Pest Control

Jason Terrell

Lead Huntersville Pest Technician

Wildlife Control

Timmy Berry

Lead Huntersville Wildlife Technician

Moisture Control

David Craig, Jr.

Lead Huntersville Moisure Technician

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6 Signs You May Have Termites

Despite their reputation, termites aren’t all bad. They actually benefit the environment by breaking down waste products as they introduce critical nutrients into soil. Unfortunately, these silent invaders perform the same actions on your home, leaving a path of destruction. They feed mostly on wood, and they can significantly damage the structural integrity of buildings. Damage from termites can even make your home uninhabitable, requiring costly repairs.

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Based on our pest control experience in Huntersville, here are the top questions we receive about pest control service.

Q: Are your methods of treatment safe for my family and pets?

A: For most of our pest control services, you don’t even need to leave your home. If someone in your family has certain allergies or is sensitive to chemicals, we suggest that they leave the treated area for 3­4 hours. As a general recommendation, occupants should stay off treated areas until they are dry. If you have any concerns, please contact us.

Q: How soon can you do my pest control service?

A: Typically, we will be able to schedule most pest control services in Huntersville within a few days. Even during our busiest months of spring and summer we can still service most accounts within three or four days.

Q: How can I tell the difference between a flying ant and a termite?

A: Here are a few characteristics of both termites and ants to help you note the distinction:

  • Termites’ wings are significantly longer than their body whereas ant wings are about the same length as their body.
  • Termites have straight antennae compared to that of an ant’s.
  • Termites have a thick waist and ants have a narrow waist.

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