Automatic Temp Vents in Charlotte, NC

Did you know that humidity levels in the Carolina’s can reach an average of 80% during the summer?  Humidity and dry heat are two major factors to consider when protecting your home and crawlspace from moisture damage. Each year, homes in the greater Charlotte area are faced with dramatic fluctuations in temperature from summer to winter. Do you know how your home is affected by these seasonal changes? Consult one of our moisture control experts to find out how Carolina Pest Management can help protect your home and its valuable belongings.

What Are Temp Vents?

Your home’s foundation needs ventilation to prevent moisture buildup. Otherwise, water can seep into the material and the rest of your home, leading to problems like pests and long-term damage. 

A temp vent is a device that automatically opens and closes based on the ambient temperature. When the weather hits 70 degrees, the vent opens to let fresh air flow through. Once the temperature hits 40 degrees, the vent shuts to preserve warmth and insulation. 

Benefits of Temp Vents

The primary advantage of installing a temp vent is that you don’t have to open and close the vent manually every time the weather changes. Since it’s easy to forget to do this, you might accidentally leave it open or closed when it shouldn’t be. 

Other benefits of temp vents include: 

  • Preventing Moisture Buildup: Water can erode your foundation, leading to sinking and cracking. Temp vents can help keep your foundation warm and dry. 
  • Pest Control: If moisture gets in and starts eroding the wood under your house, that will attract termites and other pests. A temp vent helps keep pests at bay, saving you hundreds in pest control costs and termite damage
  • Protect Pipes: Water pipes expand and contract with weather changes, and they can rust if they get too much outside moisture. Since temp vents help regulate your basement and crawl space’s temperature, pipes don’t experience as much wear and tear. 

Cost of Installing Temp Vents

Fortunately, installing new temp vents is pretty cost-effective, as long as you can replace existing windows or vents. The pieces themselves are around $35, and they don’t require specialized tools or mortar to install. So, if you’re handy, you can likely put them in yourself. 

If you need to hire professional installers, that will add about $100 to $200 to the total cost, depending on how many you need. If you have to cut new holes for vents, that will also inflate your total expenses.

Free Moisture Inspection


Identify: Go to areas in your home with limited ventilation and see if they suffer from any moisture damage


Inspect: One of our technicians will evaluate your home and suggest the best moisture control solution for you


Treatment: Automatic temp vents are installed to automatically moderate airflow


Maintenance: Maintenance is minimal, and easy.


How to Identify a Water Problem

If your basement or crawlspace doesn’t have proper airflow, it can lead to excessive moisture, mold and pungent odors. If you have noticed any of these issues in your home, it’s important to consult a specialist. It’s likely that you need a vent to help moderate the air as it moves in and out of the space; but how do you know what vent is good fit for you and your home?


    Our Moisture Inspection Process

    At Carolina Pest Management, we provide preventative and restorative moisture control measures to save you and your family from the heartbreak of property damage. One of our moisture control specialists can come to your house and inspect your home to recommend new or replacement moisture control systems. Our goal is to find a product and solution that will work best for your home, property and budget. We want to protect the things that matter most, so give us a call to schedule an appointment today!


    Moisture Control Treatment: Automatic Temp Vents

    After your scheduled inspection, our representative may decide that an automatic temp vent is a good solution for your home. An automatic temp vent is a bi-metal coil vent that automatically opens or closes the vent with a heat/cold sensitive coil. It helps with moisture control by allowing damp air to leave your crawlspace while letting fresh air in from outside. This product is extremely convenient for busy homeowners who may not remember to manually adjust the vent depending on the weather. Automatic temp vents take the worry out of your moisture control solution.


    Automatic Temp Vents Maintenance

    These vents self-adjust to save energy and protect your home and operate throughout the year. While maintenance for the automatic temp vent is easy, it should be done occasionally throughout the year. To clean out the vent, simply remove the back of the vent for easy and convenient cleaning.

    Frequently Asked Questions: Automatic Temp Vents

    What are the benefits of automatic temp vents?

    Automatic temp vents, also called automatic foundation vents, eliminate the hassle of remembering to open and close vents based on weather changes. Unventilated foundations are prone to moisture buildup. Moisture buildup can promote the growth of mold and attract pests into your home. 

    At what temperature do the vents open or close?

    An automatic temp vent opens at 70°F to allow in fresh air and then automatically closes at 40°F to preserve pipes and conserve energy.

    How are automatic temp vents installed?

    The vents don’t require a complicated process to install. No mortar is needed, and the vents are installed with either screws or retaining clips and screw anchors. No electricity is required for operation. 

    Charlotte Automatic Temp Vents Technicians

    Automatic temp vents can help reduce the moisture build-up that can cause mold or open your home up to the potential for pest infestation. Carolina Pest Management’s technicians will evaluate your home to determine if automatic temp vents will help, providing expert advice and professional installation. The installation process is quick and easy, without the need to use mortar or run wires. Once installed, the vents automatically control airflow to reduce moisture issues in vulnerable areas such as basements and crawlspaces. Vents open at temperatures above 70 degrees to let in fresh air and close at temperatures below 40 degrees to prevent freezing pipes, helping prevent bug infestations and stopping mold growth, thereby making your home a safer and healthier place.