mosquito prevention

What’s Attracting Mosquitoes to My North Carolina Yard?

It’s typical to see mosquito activity during the warmer months of the year, but when you’re in a constant battle with them, it could be time to place extra preventative measures throughout your home! Check out our top mosquito prevention tips to deter these pests from your yard so you can enjoy the outdoors again!  […]

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flea and tick bites

The Dangers of Flea and Tick Bites in North Carolina

Encountering fleas and ticks can really put a damper on our summer fun. A bite from these pests can be irritating and sometimes painful, also leading to many issues later. Here’s what you need to know about flea and tick bites.  Flea Bites  Flea bites are small, red bumps with a small halo appearing in […]

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common ants

Preventing Common Ants in North Carolina

During the warmer months of the year, North Carolina residents will see an influx of several household pests, including the pesky ant! There are a wide variety of ant species many homeowners will face, all of which can become a nuisance if they’ve invaded our homes. Check out the most common ants in North Carolina […]

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Sentricon system

Is the Sentricon Termite Bait Right for Your North Carolina Home?

Once termites establish their colony inside your home, it can have a devastating result. These pests are known to cause severe damage to the structural integrity of your home by eating the wood from the inside out. Termites can be difficult to spot once they’ve invaded and once, they are found, the damage has already […]

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spider prevention

Spider Prevention Tips for North Carolina Homeowners 

Spiders can be a common concern for many North Carolina homeowners, as they’ll find secluded areas in our homes and make them their own! The first step in preventing these pests from invading is understanding the types you could come across and the preventative measures needed.   Types of Spiders in North Carolina   Preventing Spiders in […]

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common rodents

Common Rodents to Lookout for in North Carolina

Once inside your home, rodents can cause serious damage. These creatures are known to destroy insulation, chew electrical wires, and contaminate your home with their droppings. It’s never ideal to find these wildlife creatures in your home but luckily there are ways to prevent them from entering. Check out the common rodents found in North […]

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common wildlife

What are Some Common Wildlife Problems in North Carolina? 

As summer rolls in, so do some unexpected wildlife visitors! Certain critters might think your cozy abode is the perfect spot to beat the summer heat or find a snack. While we love our wildlife, it’s understandable that you might prefer them to enjoy the great outdoors rather than making themselves at home in yours. […]

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silverfish infestation

How Do I Get Rid of Silverfish in My North Carolina Home?

Silverfish are small, sneaky, and will infest your home in numbers! While these pests are harmless to humans, once they’ve infested our homes, it can be difficult to remove them. Understanding silverfish characteristics and signs of a silverfish infestation will help every homeowner prevent them from invading their homes.   What Are Silverfish?  Silverish have a […]

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signs of termites

How to Deal with Termites in North Carolina

Termites are a serious problem in the south, causing extensive damage to the structure of homes resulting in costly repairs. It’s estimated that termites cause billions of dollars worth of damage annually in the United States. They primarily feed on wood, but they can also damage books, insulation, and swimming pool liners. Throughout the year, […]

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stinging pests

How to Identify a Stinging Pest this Summer in North Carolina

It’s summertime, and that means pesky stinging insects are out and about! From wasps to hornets, fire ants, and more, stinging pests can quickly ruin your outdoor fun. But don’t worry, there are ways to prevent them from taking over your property. First, let’s talk about the several types of stinging pests you might encounter […]

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