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We have pest control technicians with decades of experience in the business, who can find the root of any pest control issue and offer you the best solution for effective results.   As a family-owned business, we recognize how important it is for you to know that your home and family are safe from pests. We’ve also adapted our services to the changing needs of our customers, now offering 100% Green pest control solutions, custom pest control solutions, wildlife removal and moisture control.

The Monroe Team: Pest, Wildlife & Moisture

Monroe residents live in one of the most progressive and fastest-growing cities in North Carolina. As a historic area, many of the homes in Monroe have been preserved for more than a century, making them beautiful but also susceptible to common area pests such as spiders and cockroaches. Carolina Pest Management provides extermination services to homeowners in Monroe who wish to get rid of pests from their properties and prevent future infestations – without the harmful methods usually used by other exterminators. As an alternative to traditional extermination methods, our Monroe technician team provides treatments that are natural and effective. Not only will we handle pests on your property, our technicians will also ensure you’re prepared for the future so pests won’t return.

Pest Control

Donnie Brown

Lead Monroe Pest Technician

Wildlife Control

Chris Craig

Lead Monroe Wildlife Technician

Moisture Control

Anthony Blakeney

Lead Monroe Moisture Technician

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Our Technicians

In order for a pest control company to function properly, the company needs the right technicians. The technician is face-to-face with the customer, who evaluates the customer’s pest issues and who then devises the best solution to the preferences a client may have is vital. They are the ones who not only determine whether or not the customer’s problems are solved, but also influences if the client is satisfied with the work Carolina Pest completed.

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Based on our pest control experience in Monroe, here are the top questions we receive about pest control service.

Q: What pest problems can you treat?

A: We offer pest control services for any type of pest you might have, for both business and residential customers. Our General Pest Service includes treatment for most crawling insects, with the exclusion of wood destroying insects, ticks and fleas, or other occasional invaders. Some pest control services, such as flying insects, fleas, bed bugs, and fire ants do require an extra charge. Please contact us for details.

Q: Are your methods of treatment safe for my family and pets?

A: For most of our pest control services, you don’t even need to leave your home. If someone in your family has certain allergies or is sensitive to chemicals, we suggest that they leave the treated area for 3­4 hours. As a general recommendation, occupants should stay off treated areas until they are dry. If you have any concerns, please contact us.

Q: How can I tell the difference between a flying ant and a termite?

A: Here are a few characteristics of both termites and ants to help you note the distinction:

  • Termites’ wings are significantly longer than their body whereas ant wings are about the same length as their body.
  • Termites have straight antennae compared to that of an ant’s.
  • Termites have a thick waist and ants have a narrow waist.

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We Can Help! Carolina Pest Management has been serving the Carolinas for four generations. We are one of the largest independently owned pest control companies in North Carolina. Whether you have Moisture Problems or Pest Control needs, we are here for you with decades of experience in handling these issues. Let us provide the security and comfort you and your family deserve. Contact us today!

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