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Whether your pest control issue is just a nuisance or one that is causing damage to your home, our pest control team is well equipped to handle any job. Our Matthews pest control technicians are highly experienced, many with over 20 years in the business. We tailor our services to your specific needs, whether you prefer our standard services or Green services, and we find the solution that’s best for you.  Our pest control experts do more than simply eliminate pest problems—we will leave you with peace of mind knowing that your home and family is safe from harmful pests.

The Matthews Team: Pest, Wildlife & Moisture

Pest Control

Troy Salsedo

Lead Matthews Pest Technician

Wildlife Control

Timmy Berry

Lead Matthews Wildlife Technician

Moisture Control

Anthony Blakeney

Lead Matthews Moisture Technician

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It is a most wonderful time of year in North Carolina. The cold days of winter have given way to the wonderful, warm days of spring. The air is filled with the music of birds and the smell of flowers. TVs are overflowing with the youthful joy of March Madness. Yes, spring is a beautiful season in our beautiful state!

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Based on our pest control experience in Matthews, here are the top questions we receive about pest control service.

Q: What is involved in a typical pest control treatment?

A: In a standard General Pest Service, we treat the outside perimeter 5’-10’ from the foundation with either a granular or a liquid product. We treat around all windows and doors and remove spider webs. Indoors, we treat key areas that may harbor or provide entry to pests and inspect key areas in the building such as attics and crawlspaces that may be sources of pests.

Q: Do you offer any “green” or eco­friendly treatments?

A: We acknowledge that more and more people are becoming ecologically concerned, which is why we offer Green Pest Control. We use botanical based products for a natural and organic pest control solution. They are very effective and provide both quick knockdown and control against a wide variety of indoor and outdoor pests. Also, Carolina Pest Management is an Authorized Operator for the Sentricon Termite Baiting System, which is a low toxicity method of treating and monitoring for termites. Learn more about our Green Pest Control and other environmentally responsible services.

Q: How do I know that my home is infested?

A: The most obvious way to recognize an infestation is the appearance of pests, so seeing more than just a few around your home could be the first indication. Other subtle signs can include insect waste or damage to household objects such as cardboard boxes. Often, an accurate inspection needs to be performed by an experienced pest control professional to determine the type of pest infestation, the severity of the infestation, and a proper treatment plan. Some of the most common household pests to keep any eye out for include termites, ants, bed bugs, cockroaches and mosquitoes.


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10 Total Reviews

The Company is always very professional and competent. Their person who covers our account, Troy Salsedas, is professional, courteous, caring, knowledgeable and goes the extra mile to be sure to address any and all our concerns. He is a real jewel. It’s a pleasure working with such a professional and courteous company. I would highly […]

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Everyone is very nice and professional. Troy is the nicest, most qualifie pest management person we’ve ever had. Since we’ve been with Carolina Pest Management, we haven’t had any more problems with pests. I highly recommend this company, and I hope Troy never retires!

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Jeff has been our exterminator for about 11 years. He is friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, and professional. I love that we have had the same person for all of these years. This is rare in today’s culture. Thank you Jeff and Carolina Pest Management for keeping our home pest free all of these years and always […]

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Troy is great, always on time and professional, office is wonderful about following up with me (multiple times) when I am super busy and continually forget to schedule. Never had any issues!

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We have always found the staff at Carolina pest very friendly and honest. We have done business with them for over 30 years and always found them to be stellar.

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They come do a great job if any problems come back no questions asked. And show genuine care for our problems at hand and our pets safe from treated areas

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Have used Carolina Pest for years, now, and been very satisfied. When we had a problem, they were quick to address it.

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Jeff always takes the time to ask if we are having any issues! He also explains why some pests can get in the house and others don’t! Very Professional and courteous.

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We love Troy. He responds immediately and takes care of all of our needs. He is like one of our family.

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The most outstanding quality of your company is your ability to work with the school staff and around our hectic schedules. You immediately respond to our needs and require no follow up to see if the job has been completed, Carolina Pest is extremely trustworthy. I don’t believe there is another company that would work […]

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