Opossums act as a major nuisance to homeowners and businesses. They follow an omnivore diet and will scavenge most any kind of food source. Opossums have been found to tear apart garbage cans and even enter coops to prey on chickens and their eggs. If you suspect an opossum pest control problem, you’ll want to get help right away.

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Identify: As opossums search for food in your home or yard, you’ll notice signs of their presence. The critters may have torn apart your garbage or dug gaping holes around your landscaping. 


Inspect: Our team will check for areas where opossums tend to make their dens. They may take up residence inside or outside of the home.


Treatment: We develop a multi-step strategy to rid your property of the nuisance opossums. Many of our treatment methods are green and pose no risk to human and pet health.


Maintenance: Our technicians don’t simply get rid of your current opossum problem—we prevent future infestations on your property. We’ll work together to develop a proactive plan to exclude opossums from your home and yard.


How to Identify an Opossum Problem

An opossum problem may be difficult to spot at first. Since they are nocturnal, you may not come across the animal during the day. Opossums are often described as looking as large rats with lengths averaging between 20 and 36 inches. They can weigh anywhere from 5 to 15 pounds.

The main challenge of dealing with an opossum problem is many homeowners mistakenly assume they have found dead opossums within their property. This comes from opossum behavior that inspired the term “playing possum.” During this behavior, an opossum will draw back its lips to bare its teeth and emit a foul-smelling odor. It may take anywhere from minutes to hours for an opossum to regain consciousness and flee the area. Carolina Pest Management will help safely inspect any potential “dead” opossums on your property.

Common signs of opossum infestation:
  • Locating opossum tracks around your yard. Opossum tracks include a front paw with five distinct clawed toes and a back paw with four clawed toes and one clawless toe.
  • Seeing the signs of pilfered garbage around your trash cans.
  • Finding animal droppings inside sheds and chicken coops.
  • Noting the presence of opossums in habitat areas such as hollowed out logs, garages, under decks, and beneath porches.


Our Charlotte Opossum Inspection Process

In the case you suspect an opossum problem, don’t hesitate to give Carolina Pest Management a call. We will meet with you and discuss your concerns before going every inch of your property with meticulous care. We’ll look for opossums in their most common habitats: crawlspaces, attics, sheds, coops, and under decks and porches. Our inspection will take place in both the interior and exterior of your home since opossums are just as likely to dig up your lawn looking for grubs, as they are to chew apart your insulation. After a thorough inspection, our technicians can not only confirm the presence of opossums, but let you know the extent of the problem.


Charlotte Green Opossum Treatment

Carolina Pest Management firmly believes in the humane treatment of all wildlife. Our team will use safe and effective pest management solutions to remove opossums permanently from your property. Opossums can usually be controlled through the use of live traps. We are well versed in the type of traps to best catch opossums and what baits will attract them.

We will never use harmful chemicals as a way to target your home’s opossum problem. We are experts on state and federal regulations and will always abide by the laws when removing opossums from your property. No treatment plan is put into action without the homeowner’s approval.


Opossum Maintenance

Carolina Pest Management wants your home to remain pest free indefinitely. To achieve this, we will offer exclusion techniques to prevent opossums from returning to your property. We know the ins and outs of typical opossum behavior and can advise you on how to remove attractants from your property. This may include cleaning up any potential food sources around the yard and removing woodpiles. Garbage cans need to be closed and secured when placed outdoors. We will also inspect any entry points the opossums are using to get inside your home and suggest ways to block access. Fencing options may also be appropriate along with the use of certain types of electronic repellents.

Don’t attack an opossum problem in Charlotte on your own. Get help now from our highly trained staff of pest professionals at Carolina Pest Management. We have served the Carolinas for more than 75 years and have experience with controlling opossum and other wildlife with great success. Call us today at 704-283-1527 for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions about Opossum Removal Service

Can I trap and relocate opossums on my own?

Many local wildlife commissions have strict policies about the relocation of animals back into the wild. To avoid steep fines, allow Carolina Pest Management to handle all trapping and relocating activities.

How widespread can an opossum problem get?

Opossums breed as often as three times a year. On average, opossums can have seven young as part of each litter. If you allow an opossum problem to continue on for too long, the critters can start to overrun your property and wreak serious havoc.

Will opossums attack?

Opossums have a reputation of being mostly docile creatures that feign death when feeling threatened. However, in some cases, opossums can become aggressive when they feel cornered. They may hiss at humans and your pets. In rare cases, they may even bite. To protect yourself, make sure areas are free of opossums before taking steps to remove any attractants.

Are there any health concerns associated with opossums?

Yes, opossums are more than simply nuisance animals. Opossums do carry certain diseases that can affect your health. Leptospirosis and salmonella are two examples of diseases that can be transmitted through opossums’ urine and feces. Coccidiosis is an example of a disease that can infect other animals who are curious about opossum droppings. They can also carry lice.

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Charlotte Opossum Control Technicians

To safely and effectively control opossums, professional technicians need to understand risk areas in the home and how to tell whether or not opossums on the property are dead or simply playing dead. Our opossum control technicians have the expertise to handle your opossum problem quickly, and efficiently. While we provide similar services as opossum exterminators, the term is misleading because Carolina Pest Management technicians ensure no harm comes to the animals. Instead, our technicians will inspect your property for signs of opossums and then set up live traps. Their experience with different baits will ensure that the traps attract the opossums on your property so they can be relocated to a safe space.