Charlotte Rodent Control

A rodent infestation can prove to be a huge household menace. Many types of rodents, including mice and rats, are known to damage property and ruin food stores as well as carry and transmit disease. Such animals can also introduce other pests into your home, including fleas and ticks. If you have unwanted rodents in your home, Charlotte rodent control is a must. The pest control technicians at Carolina Pest Management are here to use their years of experience to effectively and safely take care of your Charlotte rodent problems.

Common Rodents in the Carolinas

Living in North Carolina means that you might come face to face with one of several rodent species, such as:

Black Rat 

As the name suggests, this rodent is black (sometimes brown) with a sharp, pointed nose. Black rats can grow up to 16 inches long, and they love to access your house via the roof. These rats eat virtually anything. They’re active all year round, and they’re mostly nocturnal.

Deer Mouse 

Unlike rats, mice mostly jump around on their large, hind legs. Deer mice are smaller and light brown with white fur on their underbellies. Deer mice are less active during the winter, and they’re nocturnal. They feed on most food stores, but they prefer insects and other invertebrates.

House Mouse 

These mice are larger than deer mice, but they still have a light brown coat with a white fur underbelly. The name stems from the fact that house mouses love to invade homes and nest in them. As with other rodents, house mice are nocturnal, and they eat almost all human food.

Norway Rat 

Norway rats are light brown and have stubby noses. Unlike black rats, these rodents can’t climb, so they stay in basements and crawl spaces. Norway rats are nocturnal and feed on anything they can find.

Damage Rodents Can Cause

It’s estimated that rodents cause over $19 billion worth of damage in the United States every year. Most of these costs are food-related since rodents love to break into food stores and gorge themselves. However, these pests can cause additional problems, such as:

  • Damaged Insulation and Wiring – Rats and mice love to find nesting materials, and they’re pretty indiscriminate about what they use. Insulation, wood, wiring – they’re all up for grabs.
  • Droppings and Health Problems – Rodents will poop wherever they are, so you might find rat and mouse droppings throughout your home. These droppings can carry bacteria and viruses, leading to disease.
  • Lost Food – Rodents have to chew all the time to keep their teeth from growing too long. So, any food boxes or storage containers are no match for these pests.

Diseases Rodents Can Carry

Another primary reason rats and mice are pests is that they can carry harmful diseases that can spread to humans and pets. Examples include:

  • Leptospirosis
  • Hantavirus
  • Rabies
  • Plague
  • Tularemia

What Causes a Rodent Problem in Charlotte?

Usually, rodents will invade your home looking for food and nesting sites. So, if you have food lying around, you’re more than likely to get rodents of all shapes and sizes.

Where Do Rodents Enter Homes?

Black rats typically enter through the roof, while Norway rats come in through the basement or crawlspace. Mice are adept climbers and can fit between window and door cracks. 

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Start Now!

Identify: When you see or hear a rodent scurrying around your home, it’s best to take action sooner rather than later. Contact a Carolina Pest specialist as soon as possible once you’ve noticed you may have a rodent infestation in your home or business


Inspect: Rodents can be extremely difficult to exterminate and finding the damage they’ve caused can be tough to find. Call a pest control professional to have your home properly inspected for Charlotte pest damage and rodent infestations.


Treatment: At Carolina Pest Management, we keep your preferences in mind as we choose the most effective and safe pest treatment for your home or business.


Maintenance: After your rodent infestation has been treated, it’s important to take steps prevent another pest problem from occurring. Our rodent control experts can provide you with advice to help keep your home mouse or rat-free.


How to Identify a Rodent Infestation

Rodents (particularly mice) can live in your home without clear detection. Of the signs of a rodent infestation, mouse droppings are the most important. Mouse droppings can carry disease organisms, so it’s necessary to clean them up quickly.

Common signs of rodents:
  • Mouse droppings
  • Torn or damaged food packaging
  • Hunting / stalking behavior of household pets
  • Gnawed furniture or household products
  • Scurrying sounds on floors or in walls
  • Musky odors
  • Holes chewed in walls or floors


Our Rodent Inspection Process

After you schedule your Charlotte pest inspection with us, our pest removal technician serving your region will visit your home and look for signs of rodents. They will conduct a thorough internal and external inspection of your property to find mice or rat nests and burrows as well as signs of home damage.


Charlotte Pest Control Treatment

For rodents, using bait is typically the most common treatment but it can vary depending on the extent of the problem. Rodent traps and glue boards can also be used if customers prefer a non-bait rodent control option. However, bait is generally the most effective option.


How Often Should I Have a Pest Inspection?

It’s recommended that a home or business pest inspection to be performed at least once a year. However, if you find signs of a possible pest infestation before your next scheduled inspection, call a pest specialist.

It’s always better to catch potential issues sooner rather than later, especially when home pests are involved.

Charlotte Rodent Control Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average cost of Rodent control in Charlotte?

The cost of rodent control services in Charlotte ranges between $150 and $500. The prices of pest control services, including rodent control costs, depend on a few factors. First is the severity of the infestation: The worse your rat or mice problem appears to be, the higher the cost and the number of traps. A small infestation in a confined space, however, will have a lower price point. A thorough property inspection will allow us to accurately price your rodent control services. Pest professionals check for the location of the rodents, and they can estimate the size of the infestation. The pest control technician may also need to return to the property to remove and replace traps until the rodents are gone entirely. Along with rodent control, homeowners may need to factor in costs to fix the damage left by pests. Rodents can damage flooring, walls, and chew through wires. The pests also leave behind droppings and nesting materials that require clean-up. The best way to reduce the costs of pest control services is to enlist the help of pest control professionals promptly, before the infestation and damage grows.

How can I prevent a rodent infestation?

After having your home or business successfully treated for rodents, here are a few things you can do to help prevent more mice or rat issues in the future: - Seal (or securely plug) any holes or cracks that could serve as an entry way into your home - Do not leave screen-less doors or windows open unattended for an extended amount of time - Keep food in sealed containers - Landscape your yard and clear any outdoor debris close to your home that could be used for nesting - Replace old, worn weather stripping around windows and doors - Use garbage cans with tight-fitting lids, especially in the kitchen

Are there “green” rodent baits?

There are not any green bait options, but there are various levels and types of baits available depending on your location and preferences. Certain rodent repellants exist that are considered “green” but this option isn’t as effective and only works for a limited amount of time.

When do rodents usually infest homes and businesses?

Most Charlotte rodent infestations occur during fall and winter. Mice and rats are not fond of cold weather, so, they tend to seek shelter in cozy, warm homes and businesses when temperatures begin to drop.

How long do mice and rats live?

The lifespan depends on the species, but most rodents live between two and five years.

How often do rodents reproduce?

Rodents can give birth up to six times per year, with up to 12 pups in each litter.

Do rodents bite?

Yes, rodents can bite if threatened or cornered. Rat and mouse bites can contain various diseases, so you should get checked immediately if it happens.

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Charlotte Rodent Control Technicians

Successful rodent control requires a high level of expertise. Our trained and licensed rodent control technicians are available to serve clients throughout the Carolinas. A rodent control professional will be dispatched to your home to assess your problem and offer treatment options that will never pose any risks to your family or pets. The rodent exterminator will only perform services expressly approved by the homeowner. Immediate control is just one goal of the rodent control technician—the other aim is prevention. The rodent exterminator will give detailed reports about how to keep the pests out for good. Contact Carolina Pest Management today to get the professional assistance you need to remove rats and mice from your property.