How to Protect Your Electrical Wiring from Rodents This Winter

Charlotte Rodent Infestation and The Hidden Threat of Electrical Failure, Electrical Malfunction and Electrical Fires

It’s no secret: Rodents chew everything, including wires, insulation and wood. Yet when pondering the cumulative dangers associated with Charlotte rodent infestation, homeowners often overlook the hidden dangers of electrical malfunctions. Correcting rodent-induced electrical problems is expensive. Failing to correct damaged electrical wiring and connections can result in a life-threatening electrical fire.

The teeth of rats, mice and other types of problem rodents never stop growing. Thus, continuous chewing comes naturally to these critters. This can be dangerous because without  protective insulation, electric wiring can easily spark a home electrical fire. According to reports from the National Fire Protection Association, fires caused by home electrical failure or malfunction kill more than 420 people per year. Injuries associated with such fires average 1,370 per year. The yearly cost for dealing with electric-induced home fires tops $1.4 billion in property damage.

In simple terms, faulty electrical wiring and faulty electrical connections present serious risks to the structure, the personal possessions within the structure, and the family that dwells there. Any Carolina home rodent infestation risks these rodents coming into contact with:

  • Electrical panels
  • Loose wiring in the attic, crawlspace or walls
  • Junction boxes
  • AND more.

Protect Your Charlotte Home Electrical Wiring from Rodent Damage

Electrical damage caused by chewing rodents must be identified and corrected safely and quickly. However, damaged wiring is noticed far too often only after an accident has happened. Rodent chewing typically takes place in the hidden spots of your home. Sometimes the damage is less immediate than the danger of a bare wire, so it may go unnoticed for awhile. Such a dangerous situation can be when rats, mice and squirrels nest around wiring and junction boxes, leading to excessive overheating. Consequences can include:

  • Shorted circuits
  • Tripped breakers
  • Whole-home electrical outages
  • AND fire.

Unfortunately, there is not a quick and simple way to know if your home’s  wiring has been slightly damaged and might create future issues; we usually notice the damage only when a malfunction or fire is caused. For this reason a thorough safety check by an electrician can lend peace of mind.

As is often the case, though, prevention is the best defense. This means the quick elimination of any and all rodent problems BEFORE they damage your electrical system.

Evidence of a Charlotte Home Rodent Infestation

Like all creatures, rodents have habits that are easily detected by a trained technician. In short, they leave behind evidence of their invasion. As a routine practice, consider checking the attic, basement, crawlspace, and living quarters for the following signs of rodent invasion:

  • Displaced insulation
  • Droppings
  • Nests
  • Physical sightings
  • Skeletons
  • Sounds of chewing
  • AND visible structural or wiring damage.

Spotting damaged electrical wiring or components is not easy. However, when home electrical issues collide with evidence of rodents, there is strong possibility of a compromised home electrical system.

Rodent Infestations – Preventive Defense

Perhaps you are not currently battling rodents. Be glad, but also take time for a bit of preventive rodent defense. It’s as simple as walking the perimeter of your house. The goal: identifying  and repairing gaps in the attic soffit and exhaust vents, crawlspace vents, etc.; sealing  all openings rodents can squeeze through.

But for some of you, a Charlotte home rodent invasion has already become a reality. If so, do not treat this as a minor problem- deal with winter rodent invaders quickly, safely and effectively. If you need professional and humane pest removal, contact Carolina Pest Management. We tailor our treatment methods to your needs and preferences, effectively solving your problem while minimizing environmental impact. If you have rodents in your home, Carolina Pest Management is a primary Metrolina-regional resource for humane wildlife removal! Contact us today!