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Cockroach infestations are not limited to damp, littered, or run-down homes. Any crack, crevice, or void in any structure can turn into a cockroach infestation, even the cleanest bathroom, kitchen, or other interior human living spaces. Cockroaches like to hide in dark, damp, tight areas where the surface touches both below and above their body.

Carolina Pest Management offers rapid solutions to both major and minor cockroach infestations. Our skilled technicians have the experience, knowledge, training, and equipment to rid your Charlotte-regional home of roaches and the associated spread of allergens, bacteria, and microbes.

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Charlotte Cockroach Control: What to Expect

Cockroach Control


Finding a cockroach in your house can be alarming. The worst part: One cockroach is usually just an indication of a larger infestation. If you see any signs of roaches call Carolina Pest right away.


Roach infestations can become extreme if not taken care of early, so early detection and elimination are a must. Our professional technicians are ready to inspect your home at your earliest convenience.


Our skilled technicians use a green pest control treatment to remove cockroach infestations from your home, without harming the environment.


While there are some simple steps you can follow to reduce the threat of cockroaches to your home, an annual pest control inspection is recommended.

How Often Should I have a Cockroach Inspection?

Like many household pests, cockroaches are easily transported from home to home. Cockroach infestations can begin in a grocery bag, a cardboard box filled with old comics, or even because of construction on the local sewer system. Aside from following recommended preventive defenses, constant awareness and routine roach inspections offer your best point of defense.

Homes identified as “high risk” may require a more time-sensitive inspection program. Our technicians provide detailed findings and offer respective inspection and cockroach treatment solutions.

The lasting Carolina Pest Management solution to cockroach control:

  • Initial visit and treatment of your Carolina property
  • Guaranteed follow-up quarterly treatments
  • Exterior and interior treatments were performed to prevent future infestations

How to Identify a Cockroach Infestation

There are very many different types of cockroach species. Only a few cockroach species are considered to be pests.

Cockroach Eggs

Most U.S. species of roach produces oothecae (egg casings) with up to twenty eggs. Casings are sometimes spotted in books, furniture, and cracks in the wall. However, the German roach carries the oothecae as it travels. This pest, the most common of U.S. roaches, remains in physical contact with the oothecae until after the eggs hatch and may produce as many as fifty eggs within a single ootheca.

Spotting Roach Feces

Cockroaches tend to leave lots of visible droppings. Cockroach feces often resemble oval pellets, specks of pepper, brown stains, and coffee grounds.

Cockroach Odor

Cockroaches often produce an oily, musty scent that worsens according to the size of the infestation.

The Cockroach Inspection Process

Have you noticed signs of a cockroach infestation in the Charlotte area? It is important to schedule an inspection right away, to stop the infestation from growing. When possible we practice “green” methods of pest eradication, and we guarantee relentless pest control solutions.

What to expect when scheduling a Carolina Pest Management inspection:

  • Cockroaches are often hidden, so inspections will require looking in various locations
  • Technicians need access to both interior and exterior properties
  • Monitoring may precede a total solution
  • To accumulate pre-treatment data, our professional technician may install sticky monitoring traps
  • Inspections may involve more than one visit

Charlotte Cockroach Treatment Plans

Once your Carolina Pest Management control technician has identified the extent of your cockroach infestation, he or she will help you establish a suitable schedule for your cockroach treatment program. This cockroach treatment plan will be established based on the size of your home, the location of the infestation, the size of the infestation, and any personal preferences you may have. The entire process conforms to the goals associated with safe green pest control solutions.

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Common Cockroaches in the Carolinas

American cockroaches, brown-banded cockroaches, oriental cockroaches, German cockroaches, and Smoky-brown cockroaches are commonly found in the Carolinas.

American Cockroach

American Cockroach

The adult American cockroach is reddish brown with a pale brown or yellow band around the edge of the pronotum. The males are longer than the females because their wings extend 4 to 8 mm beyond the tip of the abdomen.

Brown-Banded Cockroach

The brown-banded cockroach is pronounced with banding across wings and legs. The average size of the brown-banded cockroach is about 1/2″ long.

Brown-Banded Cockroach
oriental cockroach

Oriental Cockroach

The oriental cockroach, also known as the waterbug or black cockroaches, is a large species of cockroach, adult males being 18–29 mm and adult females being 20–27 mm. It is dark brown or black in color and has a glossy body.

German Cockroaches

Adult German cockroaches are recognized by their light brown to tan coloring with two dark, almost parallel stripes, located on their backs. Female German cockroaches tend to be darker than males. German cockroach nymphs are dark brown to black in color with the same dark stripes located on their backs.

German Cockroaches
Smoky-brown cockroach

Smoky-brown cockroaches

The smoky-brown cockroach is light to dark brown in coloration. Their thorax is dark in shiny in color.

Charlotte Cockroach Control Service FAQs

How much does cockroach control cost?

Cockroach control prices have a large range. Pest control technicians provide estimates based on the size of your property and the extent of your infestation. Costs for treatment may also vary based on the accessibility of your property. Cockroaches tend to reside in the home’s dark and damp areas, and the pest control specialist needs to access these locations. The type, the number of products, and the number of treatments needed to get rid of cockroaches also affects the price. Sometimes multiple treatments are required to exterminate the cockroaches completely. Don’t delay the start of professional cockroach control services. The longer you wait, the more likely you’ll need multiple treatments. Many homeowners invest in numerous DIY traps and sprays to target cockroaches. However, when those treatments fail, they may need professional services anyway. Save money and time by skipping ineffective DIY treatment products and go right to the pros. Most importantly, cockroaches pose a health hazard to your family, and you should eliminate them as soon as possible. An estimated cost of cockroach control is from $150 to $250.

Are cockroaches dangerous?

Cockroaches are not known for biting, so at first, they may not seem to be dangerous stinging insects; however, they can in fact be a danger to your health. Cockroaches carry different disease-causing bacteria. They leave behind feces, hair, and dead skin as they crawl, often leading to food contamination, which can make you sick. The odor cockroaches emit is also known to be troublesome for people who have asthma. If you see any signs of a cockroach infestation in your home, it is best to call and schedule a cockroach inspection.

What is the best home remedy to get rid of cockroaches?

Nearly all “heavy duty” methods for cockroach control have some form of environmental impact. Environmentally friendly DIY cockroach control includes Installed traps – sticky flypaper, special feeding mixtures, and other methods Custom solutions – such as sprinkled borax powder, shallow trays of icing sugar mixed with plaster of Paris, and small containers of water and oil While some of these DIY methods may get rid of a few cockroaches, they will not eliminate a cockroach infestation. If you see any signs of cockroaches in your Huntersville, Charlotte, or Matthews home, it is best to call a professional pest management team and schedule a cockroach inspection right away.

How does pest control get rid of cockroaches?

Effective cockroach baiting relies on three major processes: Proper bait selection – know the pest Proper bait placement – identify major areas of travel Proper combined control efforts – have sufficient experience in cockroach control.

What is the difference between American and German Cockroaches?

Masters at thriving in basements, crawl spaces, sewers and other warm, damp environments, American cockroaches can be difficult to eliminate. Trained pest control techs know how to locate the main source for direct treatment. Effective control of American roaches requires treatment of any area on your property, indoors or outdoors, that provides harborage for this roach. As the most prolific breeders of all cockroaches, German roaches present extreme challenges in pest control. DIY solutions seldom meet the challenge. They breed fast, hide everywhere there is a source of food and moisture, and seem to laugh at off-the-shelve pest control products. To successfully eliminate German cockroaches, you need knowledge, experience and persistence – you need the services of Carolina Pest Management.

Charlotte Cockroach Control Technicians

A licensed professional should always be contacted to handle cockroach infestations. Cockroaches are resilient foragers and will not be eliminated permanently with over-the-counter products. With the assistance of a cockroach exterminator from Carolina Pest Management, the pests will be completely purged from a home. The green treatments applied by a pest technician will control adult cockroaches along with their eggs and larvae. Baiting methods can be effective as long as a professional cockroach exterminator manages the treatment. Contact Carolina Pest Management to assist you with removing cockroaches from your residential or commercial property.