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We all know that our pets may have problems with fleas and ticks, but did you know that fleas can invade your home as well? Humans can be bitten by fleas as easily as family pets. Flea invasions can be prevented, but flea extermination in your home may be necessary if an infestation can gain a foothold. Ticks can be even more worrisome; they transmit dangerous diseases such as Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme’s Disease. If you think you might be vulnerable to flea or tick infestation, call us today for an inspection.

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Charlotte Flea and Tick Control: What To Expect

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When fleas and ticks on your pet or inside your home, it can be not easy to treat. It is important to schedule a timely inspection as soon as you have any concerns.


With over 80 years of experience, we know the best ways to uncover any possible flea or tick infestation in your home.


Our green tick and flea treatment will eliminate fleas and ticks from your home, and pets without any worry of dangerous chemicals.


We recommend scheduling an annual tick and flea treatment plan to ensure your pets and home stay protected.

How to Identify a Flea or Tick Infestation

There are a few different ways to identify a flea or tick infestation. Fleas and ticks both become an increased problem in warmer weather. As the spring and summer seasons roll around, pay extra attention to see if your pet is scratching more than normal. Fleas and ticks can easily be spread by other pets, small animals, and even from grass. You may notice tiny red bites from fleas on your skin, or on your pet. These tiny bites are often itchy, and can become irritating. Unlike fleas, ticks usually make one bite and attach themselves to their host. If you notice a small bump while petting your dog you should check for a tick.

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Other Signs Your Home May Be Infested With Flea or Ticks

  • Residues of dried blood, empty egg cases, flea feces, and shed larval skins beneath carpets, rugs and furniture.
  • Adult fleas on pets, your skin, on the carpet, or near furniture. Typically about 1/8-inch long, adult fleas feed exclusively on the blood of a host. Yet if the infestation is at an early stage, visual confirmation can be difficult.
  • Live larvae on pets, in sleeping areas, or near furniture. They run about 1/8-inch long, have chewing mouthparts, and feed on organic debris and adult flea feces.

Our Charlotte Flea & Tick Inspection Process

Our skilled technicians at Carolina Pest Management will provide you with a full home and yard inspection for ticks and fleas. Equipped with the best pest control tools available, our technicians can quickly examine, define and eliminate Carolina flea and tick infestations. If a pest problem exists, your technician will confirm the infestation and recommend the best flea and tick extermination plan for your circumstances.

When fighting ticks and fleas, rapid response is essential. The sooner you attack the problem, the less costly the eradication expenses. If caught early enough, our skilled technicians can limit and control pest complications before conditions become a significant problem inside your home.

Flea & Tick Treatment

Eradication of fleas and ticks involves more than inside home treatment. You must also take steps to ensure a pest-free yard and pest-free pets. At Carolina Pest Management, we treat your home, yard, and pet areas. We also recommend that you follow veterinarian advice concerning environmentally safe pet flea-biology pest management.

After correctly identifying the nature of your pest infestation, a Carolina Pest Management technician will schedule flea and tick treatment according to your timeframe. Reliable flea and tick management combines both physical and mechanical solutions. Our techs focus on safe “green” pest control. This includes use of advanced vacuum technology, treatment of nearby outdoor areas, and application of natural nontoxic flea and tick control products.

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How Often Should I have a Flea & Tick Inspection?

Homeowners who do not have pets tend to feel safe from the possibility of a tick or flea infestation. That is a false sense of security. Sometimes fleas and ticks take up residence in crawl spaces, under outbuildings, and even in attics. And as ticks and fleas multiply, the area of search for suitable hosts expands.

We can help you determine the best inspection solution for your home. Remember: ticks and fleas are not limited to household pets. You should consider purchasing pest control services from Carolina Pest Management. We can schedule quarterly inspections, treatments and long-term pest solutions.

For most Charlotte homeowners, an annual insect inspection suffices as an adequate defense. However, circumstances can vary. Before limiting inspections to once a year consider the following:

  • Does the house have a history of flea infestations?
  • Is there frequent trouble with stray critters?
  • Do you have problems with bats, mice or rats?

Flea and Tick Frequently Asked Questions

How much do flea and tick control services cost?

Flea and tick control prices vary, depending on several factors. One factor is the size of your home and yard. Pest control technicians treat both the interior and exterior of your property. If you only eliminate fleas and ticks inside your home, another infestation is likely to be found in your backyard. Another cost factor is the type of products needed to get rid of fleas and ticks in and around your home. Lastly, the number of flea and tick control treatments will affect the cost. Many homeowners choose to book preventative exterior pest control appointments to protect against fleas and ticks during their most active seasons. Flea and tick control methods are costly without professional assistance. Homeowners need products to treat their homes, yards, and pets. Without proper treatment, recurrences of flea and tick infestations are likely. Fleas cause itching and discomfort to your pets, while ticks pose serious health risks. A professional flea and tick control treatment ranges between $150 and $300

How Can I Protect my Dog From Fleas?

Fleas tend to favor under nourished and sickly hosts. Well-rounded pet nutrition reduces the rate of attacks. There are also several flea and tick prevention pet treatments available at your preferred veterinarian. You should talk to your vet about the best option for your pet.

How Can I Find Ticks and Fleas on my dog?

The best way to start looking for fleas and ticks is to comb through their fur and look closely at their skin to see if there are any signs of fleas or ticks. You could see tiny bite marks or even the alive insect. Fleas and ticks tend to hide in warmer and protected areas of dogs like their bellies, armpits, and ears.

Are Ticks Dangerous To Humans?

Like fleas, ticks feed on blood. They typically live on birds, wild animals, long grass and trees. It is important to check your pets, and even yourself for ticks after spending time outside in wooden areas, long grass, or with animals. Unlike some other insect bites, ticks bites aren’t usually itchy, but can cause serious health problems. Ticks carry and transmit a host of hazardous diseases, including: Babesiosis Colorado tick fever Ehrlichiosis Lyme disease Rocky Mountain spotted fever Tularemia Tick paralysis

Do DIY Flea Control Programs Work?

While an at-home DIY flea treatment may seem to work at first, this will not be an effective long-term solution. These at-home remedies often remove some of the live fleas, but does not completely rid your house, pets and yard of fleas and eggs. Unlike DIY flea treatments, professional pest control companies in Charlotte guarantee flea control services by: Correcting pest identification Locating the source Correctly treating pets Cleaning areas where fleas find harborage Treating exterior breeding zones Properly applying pest control strategies.

Charlotte Flea and Tick Control Technicians

Due to their life cycles, fleas and ticks can spread throughout a home quickly. Professional flea and tick treatment is a must to stop a major infestation. A flea and tick exterminator will know the exact steps to take to remove the pests from all areas of your home. Each flea and tick control technician from Carolina Pest Management has years of experience in quick and effective removal techniques. Our Charlotte flea and tick exterminators will make your family’s safety a priority and will only use methods that pose no health risk. Professional flea and tick control service from Carolina Pest Management promises to get your home pest-free in no time at all.