Lake Norman Pest Control, Wildlife Removal & Moisture Services

Our team of Lake Norman pest control technicians are highly trained and able to handle any pest control challenge you may encounter.  We also provide wildlife removal and moisture control services.  Contact Carolina Pest Management for fast, reliable pest control with outstanding results, every time.

The Lake Norman Team: Pest, Wildlife & Moisture

As one of the top vacation spots in North Carolina, Lake Norman has a lucrative real estate market. That market is driven in part by the high quality of Lake Norman homes, both privately owned and for rent. Carolina Pest Management helps Lake Norman residents protect their properties’ value through eco-friendly pest control options that keep pests away without the harmful techniques of old school exterminators. Our technicians are experienced with common pest problems near Lake Norman, including mosquitoes and moisture problems from the lake. We’ll help you control existing problems and protect your home from future infestations or pest issues with prompt, professional treatment from our highly trained Lake Norman technicians.

Pest Control

Jason Terrell

Lead Lake Norman Pest Technician

Wildlife Control

Timmy Berry

Lead Lake Norman Wildlife Technician

Moisture Control

David Craig, Jr.

Lead Lake Norman Moisture Technician

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Based on our pest control experience in Lake Norman, here are the top questions we receive about pest control service.

Q: What about pests that aren’t insects?

A: We offer a wide range of wildlife control services. It’s important to address wildlife issues in the area surrounding your home as animals can often carry diseases, get into your garbage, and damage your property. Fortunately, our trained professionals are experienced in removing wildlife pests! From birds and squirrels to skunks and snakes, we can provide you with the treatment necessary to rid of these pests in the most humane way possible.

Q: Should I invest in moisture control?

A: Investing in moisture control for your home or business can save you money in the long run. Controlling moisture will make your household less costly to heat and cool, more comfortable and energy efficient, and aid in prevention of mold growth. Our moisture control services can improve the effectiveness of your air sealing and insulation efforts. We offer French Drains, Sump Pumps, Automatic Temp Vents, Power Vents, Vapor Barriers, and Crawlspace Care Installation.

Q: Do I have to sign a contract for pest control treatments?

A: We do not require a contract for a set period of time for most services. We will contact you when your next scheduled treatment is taking place or is up for renewal. You may cancel your pest control service at any time.

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