No Spray Way to Controlling Mosquitoes in North Carolina

Dealing with mosquitoes during the summer months in North Carolina can seem almost impossible. These tiny pests are a major nuisance but can pose serious health threats to both humans and pets, like dengue fever, west Nile virus, and more! Fortunately, there are innovative ways to help reduce the number of mosquitoes on your property, including the In2Care Mosquito Trap System, a no spray mosquito treatment option!

No Spray Mosquito Treatment

What is the In2Care System?

The In2Care system is the perfect solution to help prevent and eliminate mosquitoes throughout your property at the start of their cycle. This mosquito control method is unique as it lures in mosquitoes with a special green treatment inside the trap. Once mosquitoes enter the trap, the treatment transfers to the mosquitoes’ legs, spreading to the other breeding sites, such as different sources of water. The spread of the treatment helps eliminate adult mosquitoes while preventing the larva from developing further.

What are the Benefits of In2Care?

This alternative green mosquito control method is placed in a shaded, vegetated area where mosquitoes are likely to breed. There are many benefits behind the In2Care System, including:

  • A no-spray mosquito treatment, discreetly placed to reduce mosquitoes around your home 24/7/365
  • Elimination of all mosquito life stages – from larva to adult
  • Avoids harming beneficial insects, including pollinators
  • Is strategically and discreetly placed around your home, so it is always working

Don’t battle mosquitoes alone this year, consider a new way to reduce mosquito populations with In2Care! Reach out to a mosquito control company near you today to get more information on this no spray mosquito treatment system and other mosquito control options.

By dwiley