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crawl space problems

How To Identify Problems With Your Crawl Space

Because crawl spaces are often pretty narrow, it’s hard for homeowners to get underneath their house to inspect the foundation. Unfortunately, crawl spaces can experience several significant problems that may cause damage and a hefty repair bill. To avoid disaster, it’s much better to identify and fix any issues before they get out of control. […]

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dog jumping on a man

Your Guide to Pest Control and Pet Safety

When pests invade your home, you need to make sure to remove them as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the problem can spread rapidly, causing various issues such as destroyed property, food, and health-related issues. So, it’s imperative to deploy multiple pest control solutions immediately, such as traps, poison sprays, and more. But, what if you […]

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crawl space

Your Guide To Waterproofing Your Crawl Space

If your home has a crawl space for a foundation, this area can become a huge headache. Not only can it attract pests, but it can also accumulate moisture, leading to water damage. Over time, this damage can weaken the supports and potentially ruin your home’s foundation. To avoid catastrophe, you should waterproof your crawl […]

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Springtail Identification & Prevention

If you’ve noticed some dark, hoppy bugs around your property during winter, you may be wondering if fleas have somehow found a way to be more annoying. Thankfully (a relative term), these insects are just springtails, also known as snow fleas. Let’s find out more about this hardy pest. What is a Springtail? Springtails are […]

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How to Identify Drain Flies & Get Rid of Them

After coming home from an extended vacation, you may notice some small, dark bugs flying around your home. They’re pretty small, and when you swat them, they turn into a cloud of dust, much like a moth. What are these things? They’re called drain flies, and they can be a pretty annoying nuisance. Fortunately, if […]

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Moth on a rock

Moth Pest Control in Charlotte: Identification & Prevention

Unlike other pests, moths are generally harmless. However, if you have a moth infestation in your home, these winged insects can be more than a slight nuisance. Not only can they disrupt your daily routine, but they can do some damage to household items. A moth infestation needs to be eliminated as quickly as possible […]

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Earwig crawling on rock

Earwig Pest Control in Charlotte: Identification & Prevention

When it comes to pest infestations, earwigs are far less of a nuisance than other insects like ants or cockroaches, but they can look intimidating. If you start to notice earwigs in and around your home, you’ll likely want to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about […]

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Covid-19 Letter to Our Customers

Coronavirus Pandemic- Letter to Our Customers During these difficult times, the health and well being of our customers and employees are our highest priorities. As we closely follow developments related to Coronavirus (COVID-19), be assured that we are committed to doing everything possible to keep our customers and employees safe. We continue to operate in […]

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Our Technicians

In order for a pest control company to function properly, the company needs the right technicians. The technician is face-to-face with the customer, who evaluates the customer’s pest issues and who then devises the best solution to the preferences a client may have is vital. They are the ones who not only determine whether or not the customer’s […]

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Dee Dodd inducted into the NCPMA Hall of Fame

I thought a lot about this blog entry; there are so many layers to the story of Dee Dodd being inducted into the NCPMA Hall of Fame, so many directions in which I could go with it, that I found myself like a dog chasing its own tail- moving fast but going nowhere. After a […]

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