Carolina Pest Management is a full service pest control company with the tools and experience to tackle all of your pest control needs. Whether you prefer Standard Pest Control Services or our Eco-Friendly Green Pest Control Services, or are in need of Real Estate Inspection Services, we can detect and eliminate pests that threaten you and your home with plans custom tailored to your situation. Termites, mosquitoes, cockroaches, carpenter ants and fire ants are just a few of the pests we encounter. Here is a general list of services we offer:

Pest Control

Ensuring your home, restaurant or business is free of pests can bring peace of mind, allowing you to rest assured that ants, cockroaches, spiders and other pests are not causing you unneeded stress. Carolina Pest Management has over 80 years of successful pest control experience.

Wildlife Removal Services

Wildlife includes everything from bats and birds to raccoons and skunks. While some of these species can be harmless, they run the risk of spreading disease. Carolina Pest Management can humanely remove wildlife from your property.

Moisture Control

Carolina Pest Management has years of moisture control experience. Addressing moisture control problems in your home can lead to better air quality, fewer pests and more efficient energy.