French Drains in Charlotte, NC

Living in the greater Charlotte area, our residents are familiar with the occasional storms and flash floods that wreak havoc on our landscaping and neighborhoods. A French drain is designed to redirect water away from your house, like an extension of a gutter. It is a trench drain filled with gravel or rocks and a perforated pipe that keeps water from penetrating into your home and damaging its foundation.

Free Moisture Inspection


Identify: Check the interior and exterior of your home for water damage


Inspect: A specialist will need to inspect your basement, crawlspace and around the house to see if there is a need for moisture control


Treatment: A French drain will be installed to move water away from your home


Maintenance: Minimal maintenance in required, however it is recommended that you clean your French drain approximately once per year


How to Identify a Water Problem

If you don’t know whether you have moisture control measures in place, call a professional to schedule a routine inspection or take a look yourself: Walk around your house after it rains and see if you have any water pooling in the yard. Check the soil surrounding your house to see if it is catching water and find out what direction your soil slopes. You need the soil around the foundation of your home to slope away from the house, ideally putting your home on the highest point of your property. When water pools against your house, it can be absorbed into your home’s foundation, bringing moisture inside. If this is the case, call the professionals at Carolina Pest Management as it needs to be fixed immediately.

Things to look for in your basement or around the house:
  • Mold and Mildew
  • Damaged Flooring
  • An Unpleasant Smell
  • Standing Water
  • Rusty Pipes
  • Water Stains


Our Moisture Inspection Process

At Carolina Pest Management, we provide preventative measures to save you and your family from the heartbreak of water damage. Given the opportunity, one of our moisture control specialists can come to your house and inspect your home to recommend new or replacement moisture control products. Our goal is to find a solution that will work best for your home, property and budget. We want to protect the things that matter most, so give us a call to schedule an appointment today!


Moisture Control Treatment: French Drains

There are several different ways to help with moisture control in your home, and French drains are specifically designed to move water away from your house. By installing a French drain, you are helping prevent water and moisture from entering the home, which protects your foundation from decay, making it less inviting to termites and other pests. Older homes and areas with heavy rain are more susceptible to water damage, however all homeowners should be cautious as moisture control is an important aspect of home maintenance, no matter when or where your house was built.


French Drain Maintenance

Luckily, French drains are easy to clean and require minimal maintenance once installed. We recommend checking your French drain for clogs or built up debris approximately once per year. Call one of our friendly technicians to clean or inspect your French drain for you!

Frequently Asked Questions: French Drains

What is a French drain?

Despite the fancy name, French drains are relatively simple setups utilized to get excess water away from your home’s foundation. Installing a French drain involves digging a sloped trench that is filled with small gravel surrounding a perforated pipe. The pipe will redirect water away from the house to an appropriate spot for drainage. French drains work to remove standing water outdoors and will keep a basement dry year-round.

Do French drains require a lot of maintenance?

No. However, for French drains to work properly, the water must be able to move freely through the pipe. Over time, the pipe may have sediment buildup that affects the flow of the water. Clearing the pipe of the sediment from time to time is the only maintenance required.

Are French drains appropriate for all properties?

The effectiveness of a French drain depends largely on whether your property’s soil is porous enough; if you have clay soil than a French drain will probably not control your property’s moisture levels adequately. Therefore, while almost always helpful, a French drain is not the ideal solution for all homes. A property should be inspected and evaluated by a professional before a French drain is installed.

Charlotte French Drains Technicians

Professionally installed French drains help you get moisture issues under control quickly and efficiently. Our professional French drain technicians have in-depth experience evaluating homes, foundations, and the surrounding landscape to determine whether or not you need a French drain and where it should be placed. When your Carolina Pest Management technician installs your French drain, you will have a worry-free way to stop water from penetrating your home’s foundation.