Covid-19 Letter to Our Customers

Coronavirus Pandemic- Letter to Our Customers

During these difficult times, the health and well being of our customers and employees are our highest priorities. As we closely follow developments related to Coronavirus (COVID-19), be assured that we are committed to doing everything possible to keep our customers and employees safe. We continue to operate in a fairly normal fashion since our service is essential in preserving the health of our customers and protecting property. However, in order to adapt to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, we are modifying our normal service procedures by attempting to mitigate any pest issues from outside the home. We are working to maintain peak pest control effectiveness through the steps mentioned below.

  •  Suspending interior services/treatments (unless determined to be absolutely necessary) until their resumption is deemed safe
  • Conducting additional customer screening for any absolutely necessary interior services
  • Ensuring our team keeps a proper distance (6ft or more), wears disposable gloves and masks if entering your home, and continues regular hand washing
  • Administrative staff is working from home

As a note, we are running on normal business hours at this time. Should you have concerns regarding our services, we’re here to answer any questions you might have and we offer the flexibility to reschedule at your convenience. We encourage you to contact us at 704-283-1527 with questions or a desire to reschedule a service.​

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic is an extremely serious matter, and because of its seriousness all of our employees have been instructed to follow the CDC’s best practice guidelines, including frequent hand washing, social distancing, limiting proximity to infected individuals, being aware of symptoms. While this has not yet been an issue for Carolina Pest Management, all employees understand that if possibly exposed to Coronavirus they must be quarantined per recommended guidelines, and if sick with Covid-19 they must isolate themselves from others. Here is a link to the CDC’s faq page regarding Coronavirus We encourage everyone to do what they can to help end this pandemic.

Finally, our hearts go out to all those affected by Coronavirus. Please check back for regular updates from us as we navigate this evolving situation, and always feel free to reach out to us with questions. We are all in this together and Carolina Pest Management wants to do what we can to help our customers and employees stay safe and secure.

By Kristin Dodd

Kristin Dodd, the President of Carolina Pest Management, has been with the company full-time for over 20 years, but has been a part of the family-owned business for much longer. She is currently an active board member of the North Carolina Pest Management Association, and was the President from 2010-2011. She is a licensed operator in...