A bird problem at home can be more than a simple nuisance. An infestation of birds can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. Bird droppings in particular can be damaging to the exterior of buildings and vehicles. The droppings ruin paint finishes while also creating unsanitary conditions. Bird droppings are difficult to clean up and the large amounts make it hard to keep on top of. Birds also carry ticks and fleas, which pose a risk to human health.

Depending on your pest control needs, we can tailor a detailed plan on how to best manage your Charlotte bird problem. Our four-step process guarantees to remove the birds in a humane and safe way while also helping prevent future flocks from destroying your property.

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Identify: Check for nesting and roosting areas to get an overview of the extent of your Charlotte bird problem.


Inspect: A professional technician will let you know the types of birds have taken over your property and what types of treatment options are available.


Treatment: Our treatment methods are environmentally friendly. We believe in the use of humane products to get rid of problematic birds.


Maintenance: Not only do we safely remove the birds from your home, we also install deterrents to keep them from returning.


How to Identify a Bird Problem

Bird problems can be challenging to recognize. Although many birds are an enjoyable part of the natural landscape, certain birds can be troublesome—examples include pigeons, seagulls, geese, and turkey vultures. One of the earliest signs of a bird problem is the presence of a large amount of birds. You may notice them flying around your home or perched in nearby trees. It's important for you to note if the number of birds are growing or not.

Other evidence of bird problems include:
  • Noise: A few birds chirping is drastically different than a disruptive racket from birds flying to and from their nest in your attic.
  • Bird droppings: Large amounts on your roof and sidewalks. Dried bird droppings are just as dangerous health-wise as fresh excrement.
  • Holes and cracks in your roof or eaves: Birds peck away at exterior buildings as a way to build their nests. 


Our Charlotte Bird Inspection Process

At an initial consultation, our experts will conduct a thorough examination for evidence of a bird problem. Beforehand, you can let them know the signs you’ve witnessed and show them any prior damage from the birds. Technicians look out for the different nests and bird types surrounding your home. They will also check for the ways the birds are coming and going from the property. We are able to handle bird problems in all shapes and sizes for residential and commercial customers. After gathering enough data, we will sit down with you to develop a safe and effective plan of action. We will never use any products or methods without your approval first. We factor in important aspects of bird control including your budget and how to best relocate the birds.


Charlotte Green Bird Treatment

We want to keep you and your family safe and healthy while we target your bird problem. Birds carry a host of diseases and reducing your exposure to these diseases are one of our top priorities. We are expertly trained on proper bird removal techniques and we use eco-friendly green pest control methods that are considered environmentally sensitive. We are authorized installers of the professional line of Bird B Gone products. Their products allow our technicians to capture and release birds from your property. We will remove the birds from your property along with their nests. We will also help clean up the mess the birds have undoubtedly left behind.


Bird Maintenance

Initial bird removal is only one part of the process. Controlling a bird problem is an essential aspect of solving your pest issue for good. Birds must be excluded from your property to prevent access to their typical nesting sites. What type of deterrent we use depends on the species of bird we are dealing with. Options include reflectors, netting, and spikes. Reducing the birds’ access to food and shelter will make the largest difference in removing them from your property for good.

For over 75 years, Carolina Pest Management has helped countless families and businesses get rid of nuisance pests. We serve the Carolinas and are one of the largest independently owned pest control businesses in the area. Give us a call today at 704-283-1527 for help with your Charlotte bird control needs.

Charlotte Bird Control Frequently Asked Questions

How much does bird removal cost?

On average, the price of bird removal in Charlotte falls between $300 and $2000. Bird removal prices are calculated according to the bird's location, the type of bird, and accessibility. For instance, bird removal from a chimney will not cost the same as bird removal from an attic. The number of birds that require removal also affects the price of service. The earlier that a homeowner can contact pest control specialists, the lower the bird removal costs will be. Waiting too long to hire a professional will increase the price in the long run. When birds enter a home, they can damage the walls, electrical systems, HVAC, flooring, and more. Homeowners should not delay in contacting pest control specialists to handle a bird problem.

Are the removal methods safe for children and household pets?

Our methods are completely green eco-friendly pest control methods for wildlife removal. No dangerous chemicals will be used to rid your property of any wild birds. No bird excrement or feathers will be left behind when we remove the birds. Leaving birds alone can actually be more dangerous due to the bacteria found in their droppings and the pests they carry.

Do all deterrents work against all bird species?

The type of control utilized will depend largely on the birds found within your home. For instance, pigeon deterrents may include gel repellent and spikes. Meanwhile, turkey vultures may be deterred through bird squawking products and electrical tracks. The most effective deterrents require professional installation for safety purposes. The type of area being treated will also determine the bird control tools selected. Appropriate products for enclosed spaces may include gels and spikes while ultrasonic deterrents are a more acceptable option for wide, open areas. Businesses will also want to keep their customers in mind when choosing deterrents. They won’t want to employ any loud sound devices to get rid of the birds.

Can birds get accustomed to repellents?

Birds are adaptive creatures and can sometimes find ways around deterrents. That’s why certain visual and sound deterrents lose their effectiveness over time. More aggressive methods are sometimes needed to overcome a bird problem such as shock tracks, spikes, and netting.

What’s That Sound in My Attic?

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Charlotte Bird Control & Removal Technicians

Charlotte Pest Management’s technicians are all experienced at bird removal that safely relocates problematic birds away from your home. Bird control services from Carolina Pest Management include professional installation of exclusion products that help control the wildlife humanely. Once birds have been safely removed, the technician working on your home will design a maintenance plan to help prevent future unwanted visits to your property from aggressive bird species. Talk to your technician about our methods, along with our green methods for bird control that are safe for your home.