Our Technicians

In order for a pest control company to function properly, the company needs the right technicians. The technician is face-to-face with the customer, who evaluates the customer’s pest issues and who then devises the best solution to the preferences a client may have is vital. They are the ones who not only determine whether or not the customer’s problems are solved, but also influences if the client is satisfied with the work Carolina Pest completed.  At Carolina Pest, we pride ourselves on quality customer service, making sure we do our very best to leave our customers satisfied. Our technicians are fully vetted, well trained, experienced and conscientious- our clients should expect no less. You see, when a person hires a pest control company, they are doing more than purchasing a simple commodity- they are buying security for their family and home, they are letting someone into their home to make their lives better. A Carolina Pest technician is someone a family grows to welcome in their home to address their pest control needs. Many of our technicians have been with us for years, and over that time they have developed close relationships with our customers. Considering us as a trusted company, we treasure the development of such relationships and truly value the feeling from clients when they see us as “their” technician. When we work in home, building trust with our clients  is key to our  success as a pest control provider. No matter what your needs might be, we have the people with the expertise and dedication to handle them. Termites, rodents, ants… it doesn’t matter- we will solve your pest management problems. Let us be your pest control company. We will do our very best to make you think of us as family.

By Carolina Pest

Carolina Pest Management has been handling the pest control needs of residents in Charlotte and its surrounding areas since 1939. We are one of the oldest and most experienced pest control companies in Charlotte. For four generations, our family-owned business has seen many changes in pest control, and we have been part of the effort to...