Bundle & Save on Green Pest Control Packages

Carolina Pest Management is proud to be offering our Green Service Line pest bundles, with upgraded pest control packages that use only environmentally-conscious and family-friendly methods. We understand the differing desires of our eco-conscious clients, which is why each of the packages includes comprehensive services tailored to the specific bugs affecting your home. By bundling these services together in our Green Elite or Green Elite Plus offerings, you’ll save more on routine pest control throughout the year. Simply choose the package that’s right for you, and get started on your Green Pest Control services today.

Our Green Service Line at a Glance

What Does the Green Service Line Include?

The Green Service Line is our commitment to making our community feel secure in their homes. Our Green Elite and Green Elite Plus bundles offer a unique value to our customers because we understand your desire to save more on more services as well as remain eco-conscious. Many people don’t want to use traditional pest control chemicals around their pets and families. Exclusion techniques, trapping, and insect-specific baits are all methods of pest control without any harsh chemicals, while natural and organic ingredients such as natural oils can provide pest protection coverage without the concerns that come with traditional pest control.

Importance of Recurring Pest Control


Pests can bring health hazards into your home through bites or droppings, as well as exacerbate existing allergies. They can also get into your food stores, creating an unsanitary environment.


Termites, ants, rodents, and other pests can damage the structure of your home, from chewing through wood to wires to ruining your insulation. Regular pest control prevents them from ever coming inside.

Why Carolina Pest Management?

  • Quality and Consistency: Carolina Pest Management has been helping family homes in the Carolinas since 1939, and we’ve evolved over the years as pest control needs have changed.
  • Professional Team: Many of our staff have worked with us for decades and are members of the Carolina community themselves, equipping us with the knowledge required to serve you best.
  • Personalized Service: Our Green Elite and Green Elite Plus packages are a unique offering in the pest control industry, with bundled services that allow you to save more on a full range of pest protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I opt for quarterly pest control services instead of one-time treatment?

Quarterly pest control ensures problems are treated and future issues are stopped before they happen. One-time treatments, while potentially effective for the immediate concern, will not support the future pest protection your home may require. Pest pressures are year-round for our local North Carolina home and business owners. Quarterly pest control can monitor and prevent those occurrences.

What is the difference between the Green Service Line versus Standard Pest Control?

Standard Pest Control uses traditional chemicals to spray for pests, while Green Pest Control, Green Elite, and Green Elite Plus use pet-safe and eco-friendly materials. The three Green Service Line packages are distinguished by the specific pests they prevent.

What happens if I spot pests in my property between scheduled visits?

Call Carolina Pest Management right away, as we are more than able to come out to your home in between scheduled visits. The age and location of your home as well as the current season may cause you to find pests in your home despite regular pest control.

What is the process of setting up a quarterly pest control service contract?

Call 704-350-2674 to schedule an appointment or request a quote to set up your initial consultation with Carolina Pest Management. After that, we’ll discuss your options for quarterly pest control and make a plan in accordance with the package that’s right for you.