10 Ways to Get Rid of Stink Bugs

Most of us have experienced the misfortune of encountering stink bugs within our home. Stink bugs have earned their well-deserved notoriety by emitting a distinct noxious odor when threatened or killed. Although stink bugs don’t pose a risk to the health of you or your family members, they are considered nuisance pests. Arriving in the 1990s from Asia, they are now found in 44 states including the Carolinas.

During the spring and summer months, stink bugs take up residence in gardens and will feast heavily on vegetation. In fact, stink bugs have been attributed to causing significant damage to commercial farms by destroying fruit crops. Females will lay their eggs on plants, and both larvae and adults consume plant juices, fruits and vegetables.

Stink bugs often become problematic inside a home during the cooler months when temperatures start to drop. The stink bugs seek out shelter for the coming winter, and once inside, they will consume clothing items and food within your pantries. Squashing stink bugs isn’t typically advised since their foul odor lingers long after the stink bug has been killed. At Carolina Pest Management, we advise our clients to use these top strategies for ridding your property of stink bugs.

Seal Off Entranceways

Stink bugs have the ability to fit through very small openings in your home’s exterior. Any hole or gap with a diameter larger than a pencil is big enough for stink bugs to sneak through. Repair any cracks or holes with caulk to prevent stink bug access. Inside the home, caulk around doorways and windows.

Repair Leaks

Reducing moisture in your home will get rid of stink bugs and other types of pests. Remove any clogs from drains and fix leaky pipes to control moisture levels.


Pests are attracted to areas with water and with food. Never leave out food items after mealtimes and wipe down any food spills immediately. Keep any stored food items in airtight containers.

Check Your Bags

Stink bugs can travel undetected in packages and bags. Inspect all boxes or grocery bags for signs of the critters before bringing them into your home.

Remove Stink Bugs

Vacuums can be used to remove both live and dead stink bugs from the home without crushing them. After vacuuming the stink bugs, empty the vacuum immediately in an outdoor trash receptacle. A broom and dustpan will also suffice for gently sweeping up any visible stink bugs around the home.

Soapy Solutions

A mixture of liquid detergent and water placed in a bucket can be used to kill any stink bugs. Knock the stink bugs off of drapes, window screens, walls, etc. directly into the bucket. Avoid squashing them or touching them with your hands. If needed, use plastic gloves or a plastic bag to pick them up.

Set Bugs in Bottles

Another natural method to remove stink bugs is to flick them into empty plastic bottles. By sealing them inside, any type of stench released by them will be contained.

Dryer Sheets on Screens

Fragrant dryer sheets are a surprising deterrent for stink bugs. Homeowners who have rubbed dryer sheets on their window and door screens have found it reduced stink bug invasions by as much as 80 percent.

Repel Stink Bugs Outdoors

Squashing stink bugs outside around the entrance points into your home may cause stink bugs to flee due to a perceived threat. Hanging a damp towel outside in the evening hours may attract the stink bugs to the fabric. In the morning, dispatch the skink bugs by placing the towel in a bucket of soapy water.

Consult the Professionals

Need help getting stink bugs out of your home? Hire a pest professional to treat and prevent stink bug infestations. The professionals from Carolina Pest Management are available to assess and treat your property for stink bugs. With more than 80 years of pest control experience serving clients in the Carolinas, we have the expertise needed to keep your property pest-free for good. Contact us today!