2 golden retrievers without fleas

How Do I Know If My Pet Has Fleas?

As Carolina flea control professionals, we sometimes forget that many new pet owners are strangers to the basics of pet pest care. So before taking on what to do if your Metrolina pets have fleas, perhaps we should take a moment to chat about how to recognize the problem. After all, even though fleas are […]

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A Tick

How to Identify, Prevent, and Check for Ticks in North Carolina

How to Identify, Prevent, and Check for Ticks in North Carolina Ticks aren’t a pest that many of us think of fondly. After all, the parasite feasts on the blood of humans and animals. Although these pests increase their activity levels in the spring and summer, they pose a year-round threat in the Carolinas. Ticks […]

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Charlotte Food Truck

Keep Ants and Flies Out of Your Charlotte Food Truck

Regional Charlotte is a Haven for Food Truck Picnic Pests Regional Charlotte serves as a summer haven for Carolina food truck events. Some of it is specific to the food truck industry. All of it is focused on family fun and entertainment. People come from miles around. And everyone enjoys spending quality time with his […]

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Common Garden pests in North Carolina

Common Charlotte Garden Pests

10 Common Charlotte, NC Garden Bugs, Insects & Mites Pull multiple reports on North Carolina garden pests, and you will get a variety of top 10 listings. The differences come due to the specific region of focus, the writer’s personal Charlotte-regional gardening experiences and the nature of precision scientific studies. Thus this list has no […]

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Pets safe from pest control. Dog and cat cuddling in a yard

Avoid Sharing Pests In Charlotte’s Pet-Friendly Neighborhoods

Shared Pests A Common Problem Among Charlotte Pet Owners In Charlotte’s pet-friendly neighborhoods, avoiding trafficking of pet-related pests can be a major problem. No one intentionally engages in pest trafficking. Yet every time you visit a dog-friendly local brewery, you run the risk of sharing pest infestations. Unless properly protected, your pet is just another […]

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North Carolina Organic Gardener

Pest Control Tips for the North Carolina Organic Gardener

Essence of Successful NC Organic Gardening Successful North Carolina organic gardeners practice a two-stage philosophy of gardening. It starts by making a decision to garden without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. But to be effective, the system must also function as a whole-health yard and garden ecosystem. An organic gardening system provides: Full-scale […]

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Stinging Insect

Preventing and Treating Insect Stings and Bites

Getting stung by an insect can run the gamut of being an annoyance to posing a severe risk to your health. As soon as the weather warms up, all types of pests come out of hiding and typically wreak a little havoc to communities across Charlotte. Although there’s no foolproof method to stop bug bites, […]

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Yard Mole Holes

4 Ways to Remove Yard Moles

Whether catching moles by hand or by using live mole traps, effective mole removal requires knowledge, planning and patience. Traps placed in dead-end or unused tunnels provide zero return. The same is true for manual hands-on closing of tunnels followed by visual observation for new signs of mole activity. To successfully rid your Carolina yard […]

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Charlotte tree banding

What is Tree Banding?

Charlotte is a city known for its trees. From the city’s Christmas light traditions for its neighborhoods’ sycamores to stately neighborhoods with equally majestic old willow oaks, Charlotte’s leafy green canopy has become a defining feature of the city. But as many residents have noticed, many of Charlotte’s beautiful trees are encircled by ugly tree bands […]

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for sale sign in front of family looking at house

Before Buying A New Home, Have A Pest Inspection Performed

The offer is in. The seller accepted. Both parties have signed the home purchase agreement. Now comes a home inspection, including a pest inspection to check for termites and other home pest problems. Your buyer’s contract provides a specific time frame for getting these issues covered. The scheduling starts immediately. Say What? A home inspection […]

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