How to Protect Your Home from Carpenter Bees

During the spring and summer months, homeowners will start to notice the appearance of large yellow and black bees flying around their properties. The bees typically measure up to one inch and are often mistaken for bumblebees. However, unlike bumblebees, carpenter bees can cause serious structural damage to your home. A carpenter bee problem should […]

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bathroom sink free of mold and mildew

Signs of Mold and Mildew Growth in your Charlotte Home

Perhaps you have noticed a bit of unidentified mildew or mold growth along the caulking of your shower or around the faucets in your bathroom or kitchen. Most likely you are enduring a fungal growth common in many Charlotte homes. Typically non-toxic, this type of easily accessible multi-cellular fungus can be handled with a simple […]

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squirrel in the snow eating a nut

Where Do Squirrels Go in the Winter?

All season long, Charlotte residents have the opportunity to watch squirrels running and hopping in the process of feeding and storing food. Oftentimes, they dig shallow holes for stashing food and cover the hole back over. It is a hoarding cycle that goes on year after year. The squirrels use the cached food resources during scarce […]

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cherries in baskets

Rid Your Home of Fruit Flies | 5 Environmentally Friendly Methods

Fruit Flies – The Side “Benefits” of a Trip to the Charlotte Area Farmers Market Fourteen counties are listed in the Charlotte Observer annual guide to “Charlotte-Area Farmers Markets.” In total, the list contains forty-two nearby N.C. and S.C. fresh produce markets. Fifteen are located in Mecklenburg County. In all likelihood, you live near enough […]

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Black Rat

Carolina Rodent Infestations | What’s That Scratching?

Rodents in The Walls – Or Something Bigger? When cold weather hits Charlotte, NC, expect to experience some problems with rodents and other household invaders. Winter brings an early close to the light of day. Chilly winds follow. And then… mammals of all breeds and some of the more cold-hardy reptiles in the Metro region […]

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bat with mouth open

Horror House Pest in Charlotte Metro | Are Bats & Rats Really Spooky?

Brief Review of 1970-80 Killer Bats and Killer Rats Ever wonder why anyone would name a Vintage & Used Clothing store “The Rat’s Nest?” That’s what we find in Charlotte’s NoDa district. It’s a small redbrick store on E 36th St. They cater to the artsy crowd, carrying vintage clothing, furniture and even retro video […]

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Are North Carolina House Spiders Dangerous?

Thirty-Nine Spider Species Common to North Carolina While only two dangerously poisonous spiders species make the list, the Spiders US database defines thirty-nine types of spiders established as common to North Carolina. Both poisonous species, the black widow and the brown recluse, range widely across the state. Black widow bites often cause severe neurological issues. […]

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opossum control

Benefits of Opossums | What Attracts Them To Regional Charlotte, NC

If you have lived in or around Charlotte, NC for an extended period of time, chances are you have encountered one or more opossums. They often trudge along like oversize rats, avoiding humans as a rule and seldom causing major complications. However, sometimes these critters get a bit bold and rowdy. They have been guilty […]

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Raccoon resting on a branch

Raccoon Control | How Do I Get Rid of Resident Charlotte Raccoons?

Lifestyles of Resident Charlotte Raccoons From the viewpoint of resident Charlotte Raccoons, humans are among the best of all neighbors. Our luscious vegetable gardens offer what may seem like an endless food source. Those full bird feeders hanging by the split-rail fence look ready made for a hungry scavenger. Scraps tossed into the mulch pile. […]

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How to Identify and Treat Chigger Problems in Charlotte

Have you ever wondered what those tiny little red insects are that quickly scurry across outdoor walkways and walls? Wonder no more – they’re chiggers! And these little insects can be quite a nuisance, especially during the summer in Charlotte. But they don’t have to be. Learn how to identify and treat chigger pest infestations […]

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