For Sale sign in front of couple looking at their new home

Pest Control Tips for New Homeowners

Buying a new home is an exciting time. It is often easy to envision where to put your furniture and the improvements to be made. New homeowners may overlook that one’s home is quite vulnerable to pests. At Carolina Pest Management, we’ve helped protect homes for over 80 years. Here are some simple steps you […]

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Labor Day BBQ grill with meats cooking

12 Tips to Keep Your Labor Day BBQ Mosquito Free

Along with the heat and humidity, mosquitoes stand as one of summer’s biggest pests. These flying vermin have ruined many a backyard cookout as they descend on guests, leaving behind a trail of itchy bites. We’ve put together some tips for keeping your Labor Day barbecue mosquito-free so you can focus on relaxing and having […]

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A colony of termites in a wood log

6 Signs You May Have Termites

Despite their reputation, termites aren’t all bad. They actually benefit the environment by breaking down waste products as they introduce critical nutrients into soil. Unfortunately, these silent invaders perform the same actions on your home, leaving a path of destruction. They feed mostly on wood, and they can significantly damage the structural integrity of buildings. […]

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Our Technicians

In order for a pest control company to function properly, the company needs the right technicians. The technician is face-to-face with the customer, who evaluates the customer’s pest issues and who then devises the best solution to the preferences a client may have is vital. They are the ones who not only determine whether or not the customer’s […]

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Not All Pests Are Dangerous- a Balanced Approach to Pest Management

Some people make the mistaken assumption that pest control companies are all about one thing: killing critters. It’s an unfortunate assumption and in actuality, that is not the case. Pest control companies have the obvious primary goal of making one’s home or business comfortable and untainted by the presence of pests that harm your quality of […]

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close up image of a honey bee

Bees, Bees Good for the Heart

Human concern for bee welfare has become an important issue in modern society. It is often cast in political terms, but it is an issue that affects people of all stripes because of the role bees play in keeping us fed! Whether one is an environmentalist, an industrialist, etc., we must understand what it is that affects […]

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Spring Cleaning With a Purpose!

Here’s some good reading, a DIY article by Missy Henriksen on about spring cleaning to keep the pests away. I highly recommend it. I touch on some of the common sense points below. It’s all pretty standard, but sometimes we wonder WHY we must do these things, besides our spouse telling us to. Knowing […]

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Spring- Rebirth, Pollen and Termites

It is that wonderful time of year again- the cold snap has broken, the snow has melted, chickens are laying eggs, we can wander about in short sleeves most days…..spring is almost here! Looking outside today it is simply beautiful. 70 degrees, blue skies, a slight breeze brushing through the trees…its hard not to feel the […]

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Dee Dodd inducted into the NCPMA Hall of Fame

I thought a lot about this blog entry; there are so many layers to the story of Dee Dodd being inducted into the NCPMA Hall of Fame, so many directions in which I could go with it, that I found myself like a dog chasing its own tail- moving fast but going nowhere. After a […]

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Carolina Pest Management 75 Glorious Years and Still Counting

In the world of pest management services, few establishments have been able to stand successfully against the test of time. Among those few, the name of Carolina Pest Management is worth mentioning. This Monroe-based pest control enterprise has now achieved the incredible feat of completing 75 years in the pest control industry. The first chapter […]

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