Green Mosquito Control – Methods and Repellants That Work Well In NC

Eco-Friendly Green Mosquito Control – How to Take Back Your Outdoor Carolina Living Area

Hear that sound, that whiney buzz near the back of your ear. It’s a buzzing that triggers thoughts of rapid-fire flapping of tiny wings. It’s the whine you may hear right before feeling the prick of a female mosquito.

That’s part of summer in Charlotte, part of outdoor cookouts, nighttime fireworks, and a dip in the family pool. It is also an outdoor Carolina hazard that can be reduced if not fully eliminated – at least in your own yard. In a moment, we will discuss the methods and repellants best suited for “green” or eco-friendly mosquito control. But first, the answer to a simple question:

Why do mosquitoes whine?

First off, it is not the sound of rapid-fire flying. In fact, scientific studies have proven that the buzz of female mosquitoes plays an important role in the mosquito-mating plan. Being larger than their male counterparts, female mosquitoes do not flap their wings as quickly as the males. This creates a distinctive whine that male suitors easily identify as female. In fact, nearly a hundred years ago Dr. Christopher Johnston out of Baltimore, Maryland discovered that mosquito antennae come equipped with an organ specifically evolved for the purpose of recognizing other mosquitoes.

The whine actually comes from a toothed organ at the base of the mosquito’s wings. It’s not a flapping in the wind that makes the buzz. Rather it is the sound of scraping produced by the toothed organ as the wings move. More recent research has even concluded the whine as singing. When females and males get near to one another, they actually alter the pitch of the buzz.

Now you know the rest of that story.

Why Worry About Mosquito Control?

According to the Mother Nature Network, on a worldwide scale mosquito-borne diseases account for the yearly death of nearly one million people. Associated health risks include:

  • Encephalitis
  • Malaria
  • West Nile Virus
  • Yellow fever
  • Zika Virus
  • AND even heartworm, life-threatening to your family dog.

So we see that mosquito control is not merely about taking back your Carolina yard. It’s primarily about keeping your family and pets safe.

Seven Methods For Eco-Friendly Green Mosquito Control

1) Build a Green Mosquito Trap – Find out how at Homemade Ideas

2) Raise Chickens – One simple and effective method for reducing backyard mosquitoes and other pests: Build a coop and raise your own chickens. Side benefit: collect your own eggs. Learn more about raising chickens here.

3) Mosquito Proof With Citronella Candles – This easy-to-use natural mosquito repellent works great in the patio and even the garden.

4) Eliminate Breeding Grounds – Search the area. Eliminate any standing water. Don’t forget the tops of outdoor storage containers, birdbaths and even pet water bowls. Also check around the AC units and for clogged gutters.

5) Enhance The Garden – Several types of garden plants act as natural mosquito repellants. For creation of moveable mosquito barriers plant catnip, citronella or one of the other more effective natural mosquito repellant plants in moveable containers. Or get lazy, and just plant them in the garden and flowerbeds.

6) Spread Lavender – And just a little dab will do you. Most folks add a drop or two to ribbons that are then hung near open windows and screen doors.

7) Hire a professional, eco-conscious mosquito service – Family-owned Carolina Pest Management has been providing pest control services in the Charlotte area for over 75 years. We take pride in using effective green pest control methods whenever possible.

Reliable Charlotte Mosquito Control

Make sure the mosquitoes go away and stay away, but do it with a natural pest control solution. At Carolina Pest, mosquito control in the Charlotte area is one of the most popular services we provide. If you’re interested in treating your property for mosquitos, contact us today.