12 Tips to Keep Your Labor Day BBQ Mosquito Free

Along with the heat and humidity, mosquitoes stand as one of summer’s biggest pests. These flying vermin have ruined many a backyard cookout as they descend on guests, leaving behind a trail of itchy bites.

We’ve put together some tips for keeping your Labor Day barbecue mosquito-free so you can focus on relaxing and having fun.

For the Body
The most important aspect of mosquito control is keeping the critters from biting people. In many parts of the world, mosquitoes aren’t just annoying — they also pose significant danger as their bites spread various diseases. What are some methods your party guests can use to keep mosquitoes at bay?

  • Chemical repellents provide one of the most effective methods for avoiding bites. Products that contain DEET at a concentration of 30 to 50 percent work for several hours for adults and children over the age of 2 months.
  • For younger infants, drape a carrier with mosquito netting.
  • Natural repellents include cinnamon, lemon eucalyptus, castor, lavender, tea tree and citronella oils. Natural products must be applied more frequently.

For the Yard
Consider these tips for a mosquito free yard during your Labor Day bash.

  • Choose lighting sources that won’t attract mosquitoes, such as yellow LED or bug-repelling lights.
  • Get rid of mosquitoes by burning citronella torches or candles; the smoke will help keep mosquitoes away. In addition, consider planting some citronella in the backyard so you can simply break off a twig and rub it on skin.
  • Create a mosquito free haven for guests with mosquito netting or another clear covering designed for outdoor use. You can craft your own outdoor room in which guests can stay comfortable and bite-free.
  • Sprinkle garlic powder around your yard or plant garlic to repel mosquitoes. Studies have not proven the efficacy of this method, but anecdotal evidence indicates that it may work for some people. Eating garlic every day is another method some people use to keep mosquitoes away.
  • Keep grass mowed, trim shrubs and get rid of any sources of standing water. Doing so will limit areas where mosquitoes can hide and breed.
  • Install a trapping machine that uses carbon dioxide and heat to attract and trap or kill pests. Many people report that the systems are effective, but they won’t create a completely mosquito free yard. Avoid electric bug zappers, which often kill non-harmful insects.
  • As you’re grilling at your Labor Day get-together, toss a few rosemary stalks over your hot coals. The rosemary will give your food a luscious flavor as it naturally repels mosquitoes from the immediate area.
  • You also can take steps to make your garden friendly to nature’s most-efficient mosquito predator: bats. One bat can eat as many as 1,200 mosquitoes in an hour!

Get Help from Professionals

If home remedies aren’t doing enough to keep mosquitoes at bay, consider calling pest control professionals. Carolina Pest Management offers mosquito-control methods that fit your needs and lifestyle using traditional or botanical-based products. For a mosquito free yard this Labor Day, contact Carolina Pest Management today.

By Kristin Dodd

Kristin Dodd, the President of Carolina Pest Management, has been with the company full-time for over 20 years, but has been a part of the family-owned business for much longer. She is currently an active board member of the North Carolina Pest Management Association, and was the President from 2010-2011. She is a licensed operator in...

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