Carolina Pest Management offers an array of services for residential and commercial properties.  We are a true full service pest control company.

Real Estate

real estateWe have certified experts who perform extensive inspections and write Wood Destroying Insect Reports (WDIR), required for closing real estate sales. These are very exacting inspections that require patience and professional experience. Our experts have plenty of both.

Stinging Insects

stinging insectsWasps, hornets, and bees are all stinging insects that can build hives and nests in and around your home. Some bee species (Carpenter Bees) can actually burrow into the wood exterior of your home in order to make nests! Many types of wasps and hornets live in our areas and often come into contact with humans. Some are aggressive, others attack only if provoked. All of these stinging pests can be particularly dangerous to small children and, as with other stinging creatures, allergic reactions can be severe or even fatal for people of all ages.

  • The most aggressive wasp in our parts is the Yellow Jacket. If you haven’t experienced a yellow jacket attack, consider yourself lucky- they are extremely protective of their nests, are relentless, and their stings are painful!
  • We are as gentle as possible with Bees since we value their role as pollinators and do not want to contribute to any further decline in bee populations. Whenever possible, we work with beekeepers to move hives and therefore maintain colonies.

We addressed Fire Ants in the Ant Control section but listed them here because people sometimes forget that they are stinging insects. They are very aggressive and can be quite dangerous.

Fleas and Ticks

fleas and ticksWe all know that our pets may have problems with fleas and ticks, but did you know that fleas can invade your home as well? Humans can be bitten by fleas as easily as the family pets. Flea invasions can be prevented, but flea extermination in your home may be necessary if an infestation is allowed to gain a foothold. Ticks can be even more worrisome; they transmit dangerous diseases such as Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme’s Disease. If you think you might be vulnerable to flea or tick infestation, call us today for an inspection.

Other Wood Destroying Insects

These less well known pests were addressed in the Termite Control section but we list them here so that they are not overlooked. They are not uncommon in the Carolinas.

Powder Post Beetles and Old House Borers are wood destroying insects that can cause serious structural damage if infestations go unchecked. Like other wood destroying insects, Powder Post Beetles and Old House Borers can be controlled but only if properly identified during professional inspections; annual infestation inspections are recommended.


cockroachesCockroaches are common household pests that can carry and spread harmful bacteria and microbes into your home. They also shed allergens to which some people are especially sensitive. Additionally, they can produce a foul odor in large numbers. Roach infestations can become extreme if not taken care of early, so early detection and elimination is a must.

Other Household Pests

We can also help you get rid of other common household pests, such as silverfish, earwigs, and spiders. Most of these pests are not dangerous but some, such as the Black Widow Spider and Brown Recluse, can be very dangerous indeed.