Is Pest Control Treatment Safe for Babies?

Things Parents Need to Know About Pest Control

When scanning the contents of websites dedicated to “wisdom and moms,” you will eventually encounter questions concerning child-safe pest control treatment. Ants, cockroaches, termites and other disruptive and destructive home invaders cannot be tolerated for long. Yet parents  get nervous when thinking about possibly toxic pest management anywhere near the babies, with good reason.

Pesticides can be harmful and children are more susceptible than  adults. Your baby’s body and immune system are still developing. Even the fact that babies crawl rather than walk increases the likelihood of exposure to pesticides. And don’t forget how often children may taste contaminated objects, including their own hands.

Thus many parents wrongly consider pest management mixed with child safety a problem with such limited options as these, which can actually make pest problems worse:

  1. Temporarily get out of the house until after the pest problem is brought under control and the home is considered safe for children
  2. Apply small-scale DIY pest control via ant baits, roach motels, sticky mousetraps or some other what-have-you pest management solution.
  3. Avoid dealing with the pests until the problems erupt into a full-scale pest invasion that MUST be handled

Yet these commonly perceived solutions to pest management risks are based on  various misconceptions:

  1. Not all forms of Carolina pest control involve toxic solutions
  2. In the event of major pest infestations, few homeowners can effectively apply DIY pest management solutions.

Without effective controls, there comes a time when the health risks associated with exposure to household pests and related home contaminations become unacceptable and potentially dangerous. Cockroaches, rats, and other home invaders produce allergens that can trigger asthma and allergies. Fleas, flies and mosquitoes can carry germs and diseases. And the list goes on…

Good News In Baby-Safe Carolina Pest Control

The good news: Organic pest control and IPM (Integrated Pest Management) offer reliable control while also providing moms and dads the peace of mind that minimal or no toxic chemicals are in use.

The good news: Carolina Pest Management strives for the most natural pest control possible and adjusts the level of chemical use to meet the client’s needs.

The good news: Every homeowner can practice preventive pest control. It’s as simple as making your home unappealing to pests. All pests need food, water and shelter, so here are some tips to make pests look elsewhere for basic survival:

  • Immediately remove any and all liquid spills or food droppings
  • Monitor the kitchen counters, floors, sinks and tables, leaving no traces of food  and no dirty plates in the sink
  • Routinely clean under the dishwasher, fridge, stove and appliances on counters
  • Only store food in the fridge, freezer or in sealed airtight containers
  • Once cardboard containers are opened, shift contents to sealed airtight containers
  • Keep a tight seal on the trash container and empty the contents often
  • Eliminate excess moisture, including wiping sinks and repairing any under-counter leaks as well as dripping faucets
  • Clear the clutter, including stacked boxes, magazines and newspapers
  • Vacuum regularly, including cleaning crevices and cracks
  • Before going to bed, collect and seal all open pet foods
  • Repair your home, sealing holes in screens, cracks in joints, and seals around windows
  • Remove and replace any rotted or perpetually wet wood
  • Examine your Carolina home for foundation openings that give access to pests, and then correct the problems.

Profession Assurance of Baby-Safe Carolina Pest Control

Removing easy access to food and water makes for the best baby-safe Carolina pest control. However, pest infestation can come in many forms. Bed bugs, fleas and other pest that thrive on human and pet blood can be extremely difficult to management. If your home is already under pest-assault, consider contacting Carolina Pest Management. Working out of regional Charlotte since 1939, family-owned CPM strives to make pest control methods safer, greener, and more effective for you and your family.