Spring- Rebirth, Pollen and Termites


It is that wonderful time of year again- the cold snap has broken, the snow has melted, chickens are laying eggs, we can wander about in short sleeves most days…..spring is almost here! Looking outside today it is simply beautiful. 70 degrees, blue skies, a slight breeze brushing through the trees…its hard not to feel the magic. Unfortunately, some silver clouds bring dark linings.

Personally, I love this time of year, when my cabin fever has reached the tipping point and I can finally get out without fighting the cold weather, without having to bundle up just to maintain a modicum of comfort. What I don’t enjoy is what I know is coming next- the pollen that will drive me back inside for a couple weeks and the reemergence of certain pests that come forth like seasonal clockwork, those nasty critters that eat up homes and cause stress and worry- termites. Just as the trees know that it’s time to spew forth there itchy, cough inducing dust, so do termites know that it is time to come back to the surface to colonize and eat wood. That’s a good thing in the wild, where good trees go to die and termites keep the natural order going by consuming the naturally dead. Unfortunately, termites don’t discriminate; food is food and like a hungry man scavenging the cabinets for chips when the wife isn’t looking, termites will eat whatever satiates there hunger. If your house gets in the way, too bad. Termites gotta eat! They take no prisoners.

Fortunately, there are people who work against these termites, people like us at Carolina Pest. It would be nice if there were no need for pest control companies but reality is reality- like the reality that my eyes will start itching in a few days and my throat will get scratchy. With the good sometimes comes the bad. It’s not nice but it is what it is. Police keep criminals in check and we keep termites in check. And in both cases you want the best- honest and dedicated- people on your side. That’s who we we are: the Good Guys. We crawl houses with pleasure looking for those pests. We have the tools to keep them away from your house or- if they’ve already arrived- to kick them out. We use liquid termiticides when necessary. We us the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System for those with  a “greener” eco-friendly bent on life. Most importantly, though, we use our eyes and we use the fact that we truly care about your needs. We get it- we own homes too and we too want to be secure! If a Pest Control technician doesn’t care, well, he or she can have the best tools in the world at their disposal and it won’t do any good because they won’t see and solve the full problem afflicting a home, and that simply isn’t how we roll. We care and we bring a bit of brightness to the dark side of this otherwise wonderful season.

So, I say enjoy this beautiful weather! Don’t let the worries pile up and ruin it! If you have allergies like me, take your meds as necessary, wear a dust mask, etc. to keep the misery at bay. And if you own a home, let us check it for you to make sure it is secure from pests! If the pests have come, let us evict them from your personal space! Let us help you sleep soundly, knowing that your home is safe from the scourge of termites! As the chickens lay their eggs, as the flowers bloom, as the weather warms and the sweet breezes blow, don’t let the thoughts of termites keep you from enjoying the beauty. Let Carolina Pest keep you comfy, safe and secure. Sleep tight, my friends.

By Kristin Dodd

Kristin Dodd, the President of Carolina Pest Management, has been with the company full-time for over 20 years, but has been a part of the family-owned business for much longer. She is currently an active board member of the North Carolina Pest Management Association, and was the President from 2010-2011. She is a licensed operator in...

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