Everything You Need to Know: Mosquito Season in North Carolina

Mosquito season in North Carolina lasts much longer than anyone would want. Our state’s mosquito season can start as early as mid-spring and last until late October! The season is heavily influenced by the temperature, and living in the southeast guarantees a mild fall. Prevention of these nuisance pests can happen at any time of the year, check out these tips to ensure you see smaller populations of these pests!

  • Eliminate Standing Water. Walk your property and remove any objects that can collect water. Standing water serves as a breeding ground for mosquitoes. They only require a small amount of water to lay eggs so be sure to check flowerpots, bird feeders, toys, old tires, buckets, wheelbarrows, etc.
  • Clean Gutters. Clogged gutters can create standing water which provides ample breeding ground for mosquitoes. Make sure gutters remain free of debris and clogs. Consider installing gutter guards to help eliminate clogs.
  • Fill in Hollow Areas. When checking your property, take note of any low-lying areas like ditches that can collect standing water after rain or watering. Fill them in with dirt as necessary. Also, check for hollow logs and stumps which can hold standing water and provide overwintering mosquitoes a place to hibernate during the cold weather.
  • Repair/Replace Screens. Check screens to make sure they are intact and in good repair. This includes screens on windows, doors, and screened porches and patios. Size 16-18 mesh is recommended for pest control.

Even with these proactive steps, mosquitoes can still be difficult to control. Consider investing in a professional mosquito control program that can help reduce the population of mosquitoes. Be sure to give your local pest control company a call today for a free inspection!

By dwiley