Why Do I Have Flies in My North Carolina House? 

Summer is a time for fun in the sun, but it’s also a time when certain pests become more active. One of the most active pests in the summertime are flies. These pesky pests can seem difficult to prevent, but pest control and prevention begins with knowing why they are in your home. Let’s go over what types of flies you need to look out for and how to keep them away from your home this summer! 

Common Flies in your Area: 

  • House Flies: House flies are the most common type of fly found in homes. They are attracted to food and garbage and can lay eggs on these surfaces.
  • Fruit Flies: Fruit flies are small, yellowish-brown flies that are attracted to ripe or rotting fruit. They can also be attracted to sugary liquids like soda and alcohol.
  • Drain Flies: Drain flies are small, moth-like flies that are attracted to damp areas like drains and pipes. They are usually found in bathrooms and kitchens.

Now you can easily identify the types of flies in your home, let’s go over the best ways to prevent them from coming back:

  • Keep Your Home Clean: Flies are attracted to food and garbage, so keeping your home clean and free of these items is essential. Regularly clean your floors, countertops, and garbage cans to prevent flies from being attracted to your home.
  • Cover Your Food: Flies can lay eggs on food, which can lead to a serious infestation. Cover your food and store it properly to prevent flies from getting to it.
  • Seal Your Home: Flies can enter your home through small cracks and gaps. Seal these areas to prevent flies from getting inside.
  • Keep Your Drains Clean: Drain flies are attracted to damp areas, so keeping your drains clean and dry is important. Regularly clean your drains and use a drain cover to prevent flies from getting inside.
  • Use Fly Traps: Fly traps can be a great way to catch and kill flies. There are many different types of fly traps available, including sticky traps and electric traps. 

If you are experiencing a problem with flies, consider contacting your local pest control company for an effective, customized treatment. 

By dwiley